Download RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey APK v1.0.1g (Patcher) for Android

Stay In Asia and even in Europe; the dragon image was born and handed down for a long time since ancient times until now. They have their characteristics, depending on the culture of each place but the common thing is that dragons are the most powerful and wise imaginative creatures. In fact, they represent authority. RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey is a newly released game product in the early months of 2019. It tells the legend of dragons.

This game doesn’t have to deal directly with dragons and their battles with many other species. The dragon here is referred to as a kind of hidden human power. Because the main character of this game will be a guy from the fire dragon tribe, surely this guy will be able to activate the giant power coming from that legendary species later. It was a familiar Hero model.

Quick-paced action battles

Kunah is a young man from a family of fire dragon tribes. His adventure began since the gods in the world above ordered by summoning my bridge. The Vanneth rulers indicated that Kunah must return the missing Escude to the angel clan. Riel, the daughter of the ice dragon, is the small friend of the main character. The two will set out to find the missing girl and take her to the world of angels and become heroes. How their adventure is still not decided yet. But make sure it takes you to the vast world below the mysterious and fun experiences.

Frane RPG: Dragons’ Odyssey actually doesn’t have to go in the direction of an AAA blockbuster, so you don’t need to expect too much on full 3D max setting graphics. It only uses the old-style image design like that of old console devices. Players will see the game work on a pixel map and characters as well. But perhaps it still has the dramatic improvements of the era. For example, the game will no longer experience lag or image errors like the previous day, move more smoothly, and show more skill.

The game is an old-style role-playing game where players will play a hero character with a companion to go on an adventure in a large world. Kunah and Riel will experience everything in turn to follow the suggestions given through the quest system. Basically, when two people have completed all the tasks that the game offers, they will find the missing girl and take her to heaven. But that journey name will not be easy for you and your partner. Because there will be many types of monsters and enemies possessing awesome power always looking for ways to stop. But don’t worry because both of you possess the power of dragons. Besides, you are also supported by weapons and magic to use in different cases, different battles. Combat will take place at a breakneck pace so players will have to control their characters skillfully to catch up with the opponent’s throwing frequency. Then, like other role-playing games, you will be able to explore Dung Dung, assemble equipment, upgrade weapons and sometimes get tired and stop to rest. Everything will be enjoyable.


Download RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey APK v1.0.1g (Patcher) for Android





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