Download Playbook: Interactive Story Games MOD APK v1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

A life of your own, where you can make decisions and be ready to face it is what people have always wanted. Now, you can quickly achieve that without the need for romance books or movies because Midva Games has released Playbook: Interactive Story Games to meet the market. The tastes of many users. The game has fully exploited the advantages of the role-playing game genre and interacted in building the relationship between the player and the characters system. Join the game; you will encounter a new world with residents and new situations. It can be stories of love, friendship, or simply unexpected cases in life. Your task is to guide each character to solve the problem, choose the way for them to pursue their passion and experience it. So what is the attraction to be able to maintain the heat of this game? Let’s check it out.

A fascinating story with a variety of plot twists

The game will take players to experience in a whole new world where the player is both a storyteller and a protagonist. During the game, players are required to find hidden objects, pair pictures, find differences between photos, or choose locks to unlock the mystery. Players, in turn, must experience stories and situations in the character’s life. You will play the role of a girl longing for true love or a boy who is trying to pursue his passion. Each nature with problems around him forces the player to think to make the most reasonable decisions. Every action you make will change the story’s entire mainstream and change the future of the character. Therefore, the requirement for the player is to decide carefully.

Rich features thanks to a well-designed trait of content

Players can unleash their creativity in creating a character that suits their needs by choosing their favorite hair color, clothes… Each character created will be separate individuals bearing the player’s impression. In addition, the game will always create a new feeling for players with constantly changing topics such as mystery, horror, crime, adventure, science fiction, romance, and more so on. Therefore, players will have many choices while playing, so no longer be bored. In addition, extra games such as puzzles, finding hidden objects are also a factor to increase the attractiveness of the game.

Simple in control but attractive thanks to the storyline

To start, users of “Playbook” will find the game relatively simple, not difficult to play. The game has succeeded in creating a game space that is loved by a lot of users because of the splendor it has brought. The extra games in the game are not difficult to pass, so players are easy to get used to. Games with a fairly stable and slow pace will be suitable for leisure activities.

Enhance your choices

One thing is for sure: this is your own life so your choice will be the deciding factor. Entering the game, players will be able to choose the story they want to join and the features they want to use. You can be an employee, a detective or a sailor … all by your choice. Interaction is a factor that is the manufacturer puts on top so that you will have many relationships in the game. Each character will play themselves a unique personality, characteristics that require players to be skillful to behave. Friendships, love, and even hate are developed from here. Therefore, the intelligence and calculation of the player will be an important key to solving the challenges contained in Playbook. Also, to make the game more intimate as well as to increase the emotions when playing, the publisher used short conversations between the characters.

The game quality is increasingly improved.

In terms of graphics, the game has pleased the user when creating the system of characters, and the context is wonderful and attractive. Besides, the transition in each episode is very smooth, creating a pleasant feeling for the player. It seems that watching the game will feel like watching a movie by the feeling the game has brought. In addition, the sound system with great songs will push players’ emotions to climax every time to expensive scenes.

Free unlocked content

The game is now available for free download, so Android users can easily install it on their device from Google Play. Users can comfortably enjoy this fun game without paying anything extra. Playbook deserves a game that devotees love this game genre should have. Join the game; you are putting yourself on a test to know how fast your judgment and processing speed. The game is a perfect option for players to temporarily forget the current life to step in and master a new life of their own.

MOD Info?

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Hints


Download Playbook: Interactive Story Games MOD APK v1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 42M

GURGE : Simulation


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