Download Own Coffee Shop MOD APK v4.5.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Do you have a stable job or have you been a student? You want to learn how to make money through the small business. You should not miss the fictional “Own Coffee Shop: Idle Game“. Of course, the resources in the game are not monetized.

Download Own Coffee Shop MOD APK v4.5.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Open your own coffee shop

Start your coffee business from a small coffee shop in front of the university. It may look small at the beginning, however, it’s would bigger soon. Because when you make a lot of money from trading, you can use those resources to expand your store or buy your own decor accessories. That is the goal of the business want to target. When you have your own Café, you have to find your customers. They are the ones who directly bring revenue to your Café. Through this trade, you can find out the life or difficulties that those people are facing. For example, a student studying all night for the exam or an officer busy for work…

Download Own Coffee Shop MOD APK v4.5.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android

But you only serve one or two types of customers is quite boring. Of course, there are different types of customers that you can serve and more likely the game will be harder and harder because you will have to serve many types of customers at the same time. This is obvious when playing this game. Let’s play and enjoy the fun and interesting from this fantasy trading game offline.

Giving strategies

To achieve success, you need to find the best strategy for yourself such as repairing the cafe as well as catching the eye of the customer …… As mentioned above, because your cafe is booked in front of the university. You can meet different types of customers, such as students, teachers, employees, women with children, etc. From the resources you get, the remodeling works out and decorates as you like.

With a game like this, you can participate in various events. And, of course, the “event” is a motivator for game makers to help players who are struggling to earn revenue or to attract players who have already abandoned the game. Of course, when playing the game you will get a lot of things, such as sales, operation or understanding of the daily life of others.

Download Own Coffee Shop MOD APK v4.5.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android


As a simulation game, Own Coffee Shop: Idle Game has lovely graphics. All the characters, utensils, and drinks in this game are designed by the publisher in an animated style aimed at women. However, with exciting gameplay, the game fits most objects. If you’re a business lover, want to discover the world’s best coffee, you want to open your coffee shop yourself, try this game.

Own Coffee Shop can be a game that suits you. Download game Own Coffee Shop: Idle Game Mod and play this game right away. It will not disappoint you. It will help you clear up after the stressful school hours. Have a nice time!


  • Money increases with spending.

Download Own Coffee Shop MOD APK v4.5.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android


GURGE : Casual

– 4.5.4 – MOD

– 4.3.0 – MOD

– 4.5.8 – Original

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