Download Mint Launcher v1.1.4.10 for Android (by Xiaomi)

Currently, mobile phones are something that humans cannot lack in their lives. It serves all their needs for communication, entertainment and information updates. In general, just missing a smartphone within a day is you almost separate yourself from the world. With that importance, many people really want to decorate their phones so that they are lovely. It can be said to be a special kind of jewelry for users. Some people use these types of cases to make their phones strange but unlike any other designs on the market. Or there are people who customize the smartphone theme so that it is like the technology from the future.

New Launcher by Xiaomi

If you want a powerful and customizable tool inside your smartphone, Mint Launcher is extremely good. In addition to the simple function of beautifying your device, it also can manage and peak system. Users can personalize, manage applications and increase the processing speed of the phone you are using. This is a product from Xiaomi Cho, so if your smartphone is also from this seafood manufacturer, maybe its compatibility will reach the maximum level. If you use other Android devices, you will even feel its quality. Besides, if you visit the app store of Xiaomi released on Google Play, it is easy to see that all utilities used on Android are upgraded. If you are a non-user, you can use them to optimize the power of your Android phone.


Back to the “Mint Launcher” photo app when we’re going to witness one of the most anticipated customizations coming from Xiaomi, the personalization that this launcher really makes is impressive. The first is that it allows you to download the device and use many custom third-party app icons. They will make the phone interface more strange than those installed in the default. Girls can download cute pink icon sets, or male friends will use Batman’s black collection of systems. It also makes these icon sets easier to change the orientation depending on the different phones. In general, they will become like the default icon set designed specifically for your smartphone.

In addition to making your smartphone more beautiful, it is also interested in performance. Users can use Mint Launcher to manage all the applications they have in memory. This will help users easily control everything and maximize performance. First, all the applications you have will be sorted into a defined place from which it will be divided into different categories. You can move and uninstall multiple apps, as well as group them easily. Smart app suggestions will help you in finding them more quickly. Also, if the smart proposal is not available, you can also search to find apps in a snap.


Download Mint Launcher v1.1.4.10 for Android (by Xiaomi)


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