Download Merge Farm v3.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited coins) latest for Android

If you know some famous entertainment games like Merge Town or Merge Dragons! Then you will be satisfied with the next product of Gram Games Limited, which is Merge Farm, a new type of farm game with extremely interesting gameplay. Gram Games Limited, a UK based mobile game maker, is a creative and youthful gaming team that brings players the most exciting moments. Merge Farm is a highly anticipated product and it’s not disappointing to bring in a lot of impressive results just days after launch on the App Store.

Download Merge Farm v3.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited coins) latest for Android

Download Merge Farm Mod APK (Unlimited coins) latest for Android

Merge Farm Mod APK is a simple recreation game, not a farm game like Hay Day and Big Fram. The task of the player in this game is quite simple, firstly the player will be provided with a small garden and a lot of farms produce in the basket, the player will have to find the same items and match them together to form a larger package, do so until your land plot is full, you will lose. About the way it is played, it is quite similar to the classic 2048 game that we played many years ago.

Download Merge Farm v3.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited coins) latest for Android

Here are some tips to make playing Merge Farm simpler

Move all cells to the same corner
Once you have the most farm product cell in the left corner (selected corner), try to accumulate the remaining cells to the same corner. What this means is that if you’ve “caught” the top left corner, just swipe it up and swipe it to the left, limiting it to the right (note the top row at right is also being filled).

Bring higher value cells to the top
Try to put higher value cells on the lower cell (the higher value cell falls below the lower value cell if you select the lower corners) and always accumulate to the upper left corner.

Absolutely never clawed down
Never go down if you do not want to ruin your efforts to put your cells on top (never swipe up if you choose to “catch” the bottom corner). Once you swipe down, a small value cell will appear next to a large range of cells and break the cell is almost impossible.

Download Merge Farm v3.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited coins) latest for Android
Do not let too many new cells appear, but focus on the cleanest possible
Throughout the game, do not allow too many new boxes to appear on your stage, but focus on them to up as soon as possible (collect them down if you choose the lower corner).

Prioritize solved small value cells sandwiched between
For example, if you have a tomato that is sandwiched between a vineyard and an apple, take priority in dealing with the tomato box before it becomes a big barrier as the value of the vines and apples increases on.

Calm and provident
Always keep yourself calm, even with the unexpected appearance of a new cell at the location you do not want. In addition, calculate 2 or 3 steps each time you move and you will make your “farm” smoother than ever.

Download Merge Farm Mod is the most effective brain training game for everyone, it has a simple, engaging gameplay, along with fun graphics that will help players to get away from the stress of every lesson or work.

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Download Merge Farm v3.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited coins) latest for Android

SIZE : 40M

GURGE : Logic

– 3.1.2 – MOD

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