Download Manga Rock APK + MOD v3.9.12 (Premium/Definitive)

Manga Rock is a free comic reading application for mobile devices. With thousands of fascinating comic updated daily.

Currently, many people have less time to read and spend more electronic devices. People watch TV, use computers or surf social networks on smartphones all day long. Or if working, it has been optimized a lot of functions on the computer, no longer have to use too many paper documents. Even the reading of comics is electronicized. Many artists are no longer dependent on publishers of comic books and newspapers to earn money. They find themselves a good online publishing platform and services; customers will be caring. If the products of these artists achieve quality, there will be people who care and earn money.

Otherwise, they are poor forever. Besides, social networking tools are also an excellent approach to readers, with short stories or short ideas. If you are a person who wants to read Manga comics online but still hasn’t found a good platform for long-term use, Manga Rock – Best Manga Reader will be the optimal choice.

This manga reading platform is loved by many thanks to its own advantages and successes in product promotion. More than a million downloads on Google Play have been a testament to the tremendous success of this product. Comments and reviews are also highly appreciated; it is reached up to 4.5 stars. Although it is a comic reading tool, it is inevitable that it will make small mistakes, so it is updated regularly.

Large library, thousands of famous comic books

First of all, there is a huge library of comics that comics are put into daily use. It can be said that this is the fastest and most accurate update of the hot manga in the market. Readers will be allowed to explore high-quality English manga. You can download this tool on Google Play with only 32 MB capacity. Besides, the stories that are released on it will be read if you have logged in and paid for maintaining premium. It seems to be a channel to read stories like Netflix.

Easy reading, clawing to do everything

This manga reading tool will have many different catalogs for you to choose from. For example, discover, favorite, recent, download. When you click on each one, there will be classified particular stories just for you. They will be selected collections exclusively for readers to use the equipment. New content will be updated continuously, personalize for you. In addition, it has been optimized for graphics for smart mobile device readers.

Different modes, For example, reading a page or reading all are the most basic things that a comic reading tool must have or more advanced modes are added depending on the updated version. Users can quickly adjust everything by going to the setting. You can change your reading vertically or horizontally, automatically run story pages, customize custom brightness in the app or follow the light of your phone. These are simply basic settings; there are even more advanced settings that users can find very easily.

Download and read offline anywhere

Manga Rock is always proud of its users about owning a vast collection of stories. If you are connected to the internet, you can quickly read the story. But without the internet, this application also allows users to download stories about their device to read. Offline mode is one of the best improvements, best suited for long outings that can’t connect to wifi. Many enhancements have been added; for example, you only need to press once to download all the manga for you. In the main page of the download program, the user will be able to see which file is being downloaded, how much it has downloaded, the downloaded data can be read immediately.

Support with all devices

Nowadays, electronic devices that people own are very diverse and abundant. Manga Rock knows this so cross-platform reading is essential for designers to add. You can log in to Manga Rock and read all the devices you have. You can use this application on your mobile, tablet and PC. As long as you already have an account, you can use it only to log in. Also, it also has its main website. If you go to the site, you can see all the advantages that it is designed specifically for PC. You can also read stories in different languages ​​around the world, not English as in the application.

MOD Info

  • Definitive version
  • Full content access
  • Download anywhere, anytime! (need account)
  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads


Download Manga Rock APK + MOD v3.9.12 (Premium/Definitive)


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