Download iOS 13 – Icon Pack v1.0 APK (Patcher) for Android

As we know, the products that Apple provides always bring extremely good quality. Not only that, the interface package of IOS operating system of Apple is designed to be highly aesthetic, and most notably the icons on the main screen. Currently, there are many applications emulator IOS interface for Android quite interesting and the latest application: iOS 13 – Icon Pack has also been released. iOS 13 – This Icon Pack is copyrighted by “Global World Apps”, a developer provides emulation applications such as iOS 12 – Icon Pack, Pixel pie icon pack and Fargon – Icon Pack. And iOS 13 – Icon Pack is the latest application developed based on the interface of the iOS 13 beta update that Apple has just released.

To be able to use the IOS interface package of this application, you first need to install the “Nova Launcher” application from Google Play and perform some settings. First, pen “Nova Launcher” and select “Setting”, then, select “Application Menu” and change some parameters: “Application menu grid: 5×5”, select “Icon Layout” then select “Icon Size” and set it to 110%. Change Frequently used applications the word “NO” to “Yes”, Application menu style: Vertical, Background: Off, Open with On, Opening indicator: On, and select All other default options. After installation is complete, the IOS 13 icon pack will replace the operating system icons you are using. You should also note that installing the “Nova Launcher” application is necessary. Because it will create an empty grid for iOS 13 icons to insert into current icons. And even if you use any other icon pack, you need to install Nova Launcher. These applications are quite a low capacity, so it will install faster, suitable for many low-profile models and not consume less CPU.

The combination of the interface between the IOS and Android operating systems will surely bring a new feel to your phone. However, you will have to pay to buy iOS 13 – Icon Pack from Google Play. But in this article, it’s free and you can download it now.


Download iOS 13 – Icon Pack v1.0 APK (Patcher) for Android

SIZE : 80M

GURGE : Personalization


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