Download Hype City MOD APK v0.5231 (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever wondered what a mayor’s life would be like? Every day what he will do with the city, the issue of income, the improvement of the population, and the expansion of the area. All must be done in the right way to please the people and be able to grow their city vigorously. So have you ever dreamed of becoming a mayor? Although this wish is hard to accomplish in real life, it is possible for the world inside the game. Taking the topic of city management, today I will introduce you Hype City, this is a city management simulation game released by Hypemaster, Inc.


To be a mayor loved by everyone, you need to make all the legitimate requests from the people. Starting with the construction of the first residential area for income, if you think that buying just one type of house will automatically build it? No, to be able to build a house, you need to manually solve the puzzles contained within each building. Perform the whole puzzle as you will complete the construction for it.

But in order to build more houses, you need money to buy land, the price of each piece of land will continuously increase depending on the number of buildings you have. But because of that, there will be no space-limited incidents. You can build any number of houses, just have enough money.

The money will be collected from family apartments, in other words, it is the tax. After a while, you need to collect tax on each house yourself, but later you can use the Manager so they automatically collect taxes for you. Each house will have a different amount of tax, if you spend money and upgrade each house, the tax amount will be increased over time.

There are many different types of buildings, and they will all work separately to help your city thrive. Landmark areas, for example, do not generate income, but they can boost the income of the entire project you have. Next, as Business Building, they will generate income for players, but the amount of income depends on the total population of your city, the more population the higher the income.

All buildings can be upgraded, and when they reach a certain level, they need to be expanded. Just like when building, you need to complete the puzzle to be able to expand it. After expansion, the whole limit as revenue and population will be increased, players can continue to expand after the maximum upgrade.


The game will continuously have many different bonuses for players, the goal will help players have more money and quickly expand their city.

The main bank is the most important building and must be constantly upgraded. The mission of this building is to store all your money from the city, but there will be a limit. Upgrade your bank so you can hold more money. In order to build a new building, players need to have a model of it, which will be randomly received through briefcases. At the same time, the briefcase will have more Manager, constantly applying the managers of the empty buildings. In addition to automatically collecting taxes for you, they will also have a passive skill, which is to enhance the income for the home.

If you always want to experience the mayor’s daily life, “Hype City” will be a perfect choice for that.

MOD Info?

Unconditional use of currency


Download Hype City MOD APK v0.5231 (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 51M

GURGE : Simulation


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