Download Hometown Romance MOD APK v7.7 (Unlimited Diamonds)

The Hometown Romance game released by Pretty Teen Games is truly the first choice for those who love the simulation game genre and immersive. Currently, on the market, this series of games on the topic of love attracts a large number of players because it hits the tastes of users, mostly women. In particular, it would be flawed not to mention this game because of the achievements it has achieved. Still following a motif about a familiar romance story but the game has unique and new approaches to users. Join the game; the bottlenecks of the relationships will gradually be removed by your own choice. Join the world in the game to experience offline.

The game script hits the female psychology

When a tragedy takes you back to the countryside “Greecemore” – your own home town, what do you do when you meet Mark, a close friend after five years of separation? There are so many pent-up emotions and unforgettable memories; how will you handle them? Immerse yourself or overcome it? This will be the story revolving around a teenage girl looking for true love for her. With this approach, the game can easily attract a large number of players of similar age because of emotional similarities. Join the game; you will enter a new world with the pure love of girls. You will also witness or be part of the events surrounding these characters. The game has cleverly integrated real-life relationships such as family, friends, love. At the same time, the game will also lead to stories with a beautiful ending or a broken heart full of suffering. You, the main character in the game, will have to make decisive choices for the future of the character. The whole story will point to you, your choices, your love, and your life. Navigate the story the way you want to achieve immediate and lasting results.

Characteristics of attractive characters

First, players are asked to customize the name and choose the costumes for the character very nice. You can easily create to create a character to your liking. The story opens up meetings and dating between boys and girls. Eye contact, whispers, and special feelings to grow into love begin here. You will live a life full of love when participating in this story. Decide who you love and how you love it by making all the choices you think are right. In love, there are moments when you enjoy passionate, passionate moments when faced with drama and heartbreak. “Hometown Romance” will recreate those emotions when you put you in different situations in the story.

Beautiful characters and impressive graphics

With interactive games, building beautiful characters, and impressive graphics is a basic condition. It will make the game more beautiful and easy to lead the player into the story. In particular, “Hometown Romance” is also an interactive role-playing game available in offline mode. Therefore, users can choose this game as a mode of entertainment wherever you want. With language support systems from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, the game promises to be a global boom in the future.

Challenges you encounter in the game

The game will take you to an emotional level if you closely follow each story’s progress. In which expressing true feelings can be the biggest challenge for your character when put in different relationships. You will get used to real-life stories, crazy jokes, hurt injuries because it’s an integral part of the game’s production. The operation of playing this game may be simple, but players need a lot of thought and hesitation at play. Do you accept holding the hand of your loved one to the prospect of happiness or accept to stop after the hurt caused by love? You, yourself, have to give only one answer.

The game has succeeded in creating a story that revolves around the player. Create a love story with a happy ending for yourself by making wise choices. Transform yourself into a new person in the game with relationships revolving around to find relaxing moments for yourself. So what are you waiting for without experiencing immediately?


Download Hometown Romance MOD APK v7.7 (Unlimited Diamonds)

SIZE : 55M

GURGE : Simulation

– 7.5 – MOD

– 7.7 – Original

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