Download Gun Idle MOD APK v1.13 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Sports themes are heavily exploited in the entertainment game industry. You can find favorite subjects such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton or racing, climbing easily on the app market, with just a few simple steps, choosing a name Sports Game category. Besides, some other sports are quite good but have not been exploited much, such as shooting. And in this article, I will introduce you to a shooting game called Gun Idle. This game is copyrighted and released by Green Panda Games, a company specializing in the production of idle and arcade games. Hopefully, after this article, you can download Gun Idle and have fun entertaining moments.


Join the game; you will receive the task of shooting down targets with guns supported by the game. So what is the goal you need to shoot? How to shoot and what is the difference from other shooting sports games? I’ll make it clear; Gun Idle is an idle, sports game. So you will not need to control the gun, and there are no shooting competitions for you to join. The shooting process is automatic, and the target is rounder, centered on red painted borders. Every time a gun hits a beer, the system will reward you with gold coins. So, the question now is where you can get a gun? And what is the amount of gold to do? Is there any way to make more money? We will clarify each issue.

The first is the guns. When you start playing, the system will reward you with a Colt 1911 pistol and some gold coins. Guns will automatically shoot, and you will gain experience every time you destroy a beer. When you reach a level that the game requires, you can unlock more powerful guns, from Shotguns, AK rifles to modern SMG machine guns. Gun Idle gun collection is quite diverse; you can find some famous models such as MP 40, Desert Eagle, Nail Gun, Bazooka, Saw of Shotgun, MP5, AK-47 even Water Gun. Each gun has different strengths and accuracy, and you can upgrade an unlimited way to enhance the gun’s ability. When the weapon is as capable as possible, the projectiles will also be more accurate, firepower is stronger and gives you more gold. Besides, the bullets are also discolored, creating smoke and fire effects, and the colors are gorgeous.


If you are a person who loves light-hearted games, does not contain violent and entertaining activities, do not miss the opportunity to own Gun Idle. This game is currently gaining 4.6/5 rating points on the app market and has many positive comments. You can also join this community and leave comments for developers to continue to update even better versions. Download this game and experience it. Gun Idle is currently being released for free and allows players to play in offline mode.


Download Gun Idle MOD APK v1.13 (Unlimited Money) for Android

SIZE : 33M

GURGE : Sports

– 1.13 – MOD

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