Download Gladiator Heroes Clash MOD APK + OBB v3.4.5 (Free Shopping/Skill Points)

Clash of Clans, Castle Clash, Clash of Kings,… Are the top-rated games talking about conflicts and war in medieval times to scramble for power? At this point, if you can show your own army, you will surely create your own kingdom, even conquering the world. This type of game is classified as a tactical category, meaning that players will use their intelligence to arrange perfect formations to bring in battles for themselves. And then definitely find a way to defeat your opponent thoroughly.

Gladiator Heroes Clash has also been released for a long time and it also has a million downloads right on Google Play. This game also follows the same tactics as the products that were once popular, so it is not too strange for gamers around the world. Players can quickly get familiar with the genre features that “Gladiator Heroes Clash” brings. And of course, it will also have new points that appeal to players. This could be said to be a new future for this series.

Epic fight & strategy battle!

The first talk about the content; it does not tell the stories of conquerors and influential people. “Gladiator Heroes Clash” focuses on fighting elements more and gives players intense battles. As the title of the game, you see this will be the clash of Gladiator Heroes. This battle is a mixture of two types of gods and heroes. You will rush into action and use all your power. Warriors and gods like Thor or Xena are always ready to serve you.

Enjoy multiplayer PvP events

Just like most genre games, Gladiator Heroes Clash allows players to build an empire on their own. The first game will provide an empty area on which there are only a few sporadic buildings. But when you see them, don’t be too upset because this is the source of everything. Such small buildings with a few residents there will help you with things such as farming or creating some small resources to provide life here. Later, when you have a lot of money, don’t be afraid to upgrade your residence so it can accommodate more gladiators, earn more money, and be stable. Everything is designed in full 3D format, allowing players to see things more clearly and clearly. It is also styled for children when they enter your barracks; everything is minimized. The colors in the game are also bright; the activities of human activities always have changes that make the game become as lively as the real world.

Especially when you enter a game, it is really the game’s top graphics. For a real battle, players are allowed to bring about 5 warriors. Everyone has a special move. First, the player will touch that person’s Icon and place the characters they bring to the ring. They will automatically jump into battle with the enemy, and the player will decide when to launch a special skill. The game will divide each stage and each stage differently; then everything is offline, so you don’t need to worry about not having the internet. Enjoy the game everywhere.

MOD coming soon


1. 1 HIT

NOTE: First install the game from google play then install over the app the modded apk. Use the bypass apk if you cant enter the game after you exit the modded apk. repeat the procedure until it enter again. This is for root only since install over original app is required. God mode also sometimes not working for some enemy.

Download Gladiator Heroes Clash MOD APK + OBB v3.4.5 (Free Shopping/Skill Points)

SIZE : 210M

GURGE : Action

apk installer
– 3.4.5 – Original

apk installer
– 3.4.5 – MOD

apk installer
– 3.4.5 – BYPASS

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