Download ePSXe v2.0.15 APK (PlayStation Emulator) for Android

Who has a lot of gamers on PC, and the phone market is also active how we can deny the importance of consoles? People play games on these systems because, for one reason, all of its functions are optimized for this. Besides, the game products are played on specialized systems with bold, creative nature of the manufacturer. With top-notch graphics and attractively designed game content, it seems that everyone claims that games played on consoles achieve maximum quality.

a PlayStation emulator (PSX and PSOne)

PSX is a console system loved by many people around the world, and it is also compatible with many different games. These products have attracted the attention of the gaming community. However, those who can buy this device to play the game are not too many, or there are countries that have not yet released this gaming system. Therefore, an emulator application is essential. “ePSXe” will give players the most authentic experience on their phones. With the Android version released on Google Play, it has achieved nearly a million downloads. This is a fake product that has been widely used by many people with positive comments. Users can purchase this application on Google Play for nearly $ 5. But on our website, you can download a free mod.

Provides very high compatibility

The main feature of this application allows users to simulate or currently the most popular PlayStation device is PSX and PSOne. When you get this version, you can easily play PlayStation games on mobile devices. They just need to download the file of the game that they want to play and then install it into the application. It’s just an environment, a protocol to convert and pay for, so its capacity is only 7.5 MB. The player’s mobile device must prepare enough space to store the game file, no need to be too concerned about the size of the emulator.

ePSXe is basically a program programmed to work on a PC. This version is a port of the brother who is so famous in the community of game players. Although it is only a simplified version, its functions are still fully transformed. When using this application, users can fully utilize the power of their smartphone (up to 99% compatible), high game speed and accurate sound. The app also supports OpenGL HD to maximize the graphics and make the game more beautiful.

This application is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Players can easily adjust split screen mode to see 2 option players. This customization makes apps fun and attracts more players. They will have fun together.

The most important thing an emulator must have is to have a virtual touchscreen pad, hardware buttons mapping, an analog stick. This will make it easier for players to experience the maximum features that a console offers. The game controls in this way will have more complex operations but will be more convenient for gaming to create many powerful combos.


– Removed license check (for those who do not have the original).
– Added the OpenGL plugin (you do not need to download or install anything additionally).

Download ePSXe v2.0.15 APK (PlayStation Emulator) for Android

SIZE : 7.5M

GURGE : Tools

– 2.0.15 – PAID

– 2.0.12 – PAID

– 2.0.14 – MOD

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