Download Echo of Phantoms APK + OBB v1.0.7 for Android

Stories told in the legend are always an endless source of ideas for entertainment products. Because it is mysterious and gives people a different and exciting look at the world. China has a story about the dawn of the world with the presence of two powerful forces, Yellow Emperor and Chi You. They fought for thousands of years and later victory belonged to the good and brought peace to all humanity until now.

In general, this is just a fantasy story as Echo of Phantoms makes the most of this story and gives players an exciting product. They will participate in this battle and experience thousands of combats to protect the world they exist from the forces of evil. Bright matches with bold tactics and maximum exploitation of the supernatural powers of the gods. The battle will be a combination of many different elements to create variables. The usual style of a 3D MMORPG mobile game is also easy to get used to.

Inspired by the Classic of Mountains and Seas

The game will be a product that uses the familiar full 3D graphics, building battles on a 3rd perspective that gives players a more comprehensive view. If you notice, you will see the game uses an art like the classical Chinese paintings, giving players the feeling that they are fighting in a genuinely ancient world. Also, many other factors such as costumes, characters, and pets are also made with the same theme Mythology to bring you an immersive experience among ancient legends. The Classic of Mountains and Seas will now appear under an entirely new perspective.

Turn-Based Gameplay and Fierce Combat

First of all, let’s talk about the battle mechanism of “Echo of Phantoms” when players are involved in tactical battles. When they play, they can bring with them 5 characters and each person will obviously have special abilities, supernatural powers of a god. Turn-based combat mechanisms are still applied, to maximize the experience on the phone. The rules are still fair; each side strikes one turn until it clears the opponent. But in this game, there will be a lot of diverse elements to create tactical variables. First of all, about the character’s complex attribute system and skills, you will have to choose the correct skills to put in a turn to maximize their damage effect. Besides the power of the characters, you will be allowed to summon pets to assist in battle. Mounts, Pets, Clothing, Titles, Skills, Gear, and much more! It will be new elements that you use to customize your character. Express your personality. Because this world is vast and you have to match many different teams. Clans, Friend system, Marriage system, Gifting / Trading system, and even real-time voice chat.

Different elements of fantasy myths, exotic animals, and mythological figures will be mixed in moderation. Players participating in the game will have to learn a lot of things that are included in the game that are not in myth. The epic battles and the large world with lots of exciting things worth learning are fascinating.


Download Echo of Phantoms APK + OBB v1.0.7 for Android

SIZE : 950MB


zip (apk + obb)
– 1.0.7 – Original

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