Download Dandara APK + OBB v1.4.6 (MOD Money) for Android

As one of the world’s mightiest and most powerful superheroes, Wonder Woman possesses an unmatched power, charm, power and intelligence. She has been honoured as one of the best melee fighters of all time. And the great thing to mention is that she – one of the superhero women fighting to protect humanity. It proves that women are not just a wife in the kitchen, but they also protect people when needed. If you love the genre of female warriors, look out for a new superhero produced by the publisher of Long Hat House, Dandara. The game has not yet come out, but it makes gamers standstill by the charm of it.

Simple but attractive

The human world is always in danger, and people need to stand up to protect their own lives. During the world is on the brink of collapse, Dandara – a firm heroine get ready to fight hard to protect the world. Enter the battle in the game you will be embodied in the hero Dandara to experience difficult challenges that you can not predict. It will not be easy when you have to jump through high floors, walls, dead corners and dangerous ceilings that can engulf you at any time. And of course, you will face a series of enemies forcing the oppressed to bring freedom and balance to this virtual world.

Dandara’s playstyle is classic because you will be trapped in a confined space when every move is quite challenging to move and alone to fight to survive and find a way out. The characters in the game move very fast and definitively. You will have to be cautious and agile to control Dandara by avoiding obstacles that can kill characters at any time. The obstacles in the game are designed quite similar to the architecture of ancient times when you have to watch out for dangerous traps.

Sound graphics feature

With classic 2D graphics, you can see the game is very elaborate and complete. Sophisticated structures to challenge the player and the wheels mounted on the wall, all designed beautifully. The plus point is that Dandara does not take up storage space. The game is very light and can be installed quickly. For those who are not fond of heavy game loading and slow load, Dandara will be a perfect choice. The sound that fits with each character’s movements gives the player a great feel. Sound blends with graphics to create a complete game that is an unbelievable appeal that will probably leave an unforgettable impression for the player.

Sum up

Games for Android and iOS, and feature requests that may apply to all players. If you dream of Wonder Women and imagine yourself as a mighty warrior, now that it’s all within reach, Dandara will take you to a world of dramatic and breathtaking superheroes. The game will be released on February 6, 2018, please wait and download to experience the exciting moments. I wish you a good day.


Download Dandara APK + OBB v1.4.6 (MOD Money) for Android

SIZE : 450M

GURGE : Arcade

– 1.4.6 – MOD

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