Download Crime Revolt MOD APK + OBB v2.18 (Radar Hack/Auto Aim)

FPS games are no longer a strange concept for many people. This is a first-perspective shooter game genre, with action and competitive gameplay. Currently, FPS games have been popular on many PC/Console generations. All that this type of game brings is the thrill and choking with modern handguns and loud bangs with huge damage. It can be said that these types of motif games are quite easy to play, accessible, and most popular in the game industry today. Especially in the past few years, FPS games in the genre of games are booming in the mobile gaming market. In the exciting market of FPS gaming village, I will introduce you to a game that can bring you full of moments of entertainment in the gunfire arena – Crime Revolt. Released by Edkon Games, Crime Revolt gives gamers a true shooting style, suitable for those who love guns and bullets.

Online first person shooter

Like most other FPS games, in Crime Revolt, you will immersive into elite soldiers. There are all kinds of guns for you to use; all you need to do is give accurate bullets to the enemies. Each match will consist of 10 people and is divided into two teams. And of course, the game requires gamers to be connected to the internet so that players could be able to experience the game as smoothly as possible. In the lounge interface, players will be free to choose their favorite gun. Most guns that players get will unlock after time.

So gamers will have to fight through many matches to open as many guns as possible. Each match is only allowed to bring three different types of weapons, including rifles, sniper rifles, pistols or melee weapons. It will be difficult for the players to be able to use up all the limited ammunition. Because most of the gameplay will take place in a fast-paced and dramatic manner, so, use all the bullets you have, or you will be killed. The game’s control system generally has many similarities with most other FPS games available on the mobile gaming market. So getting used to the game will be extremely easy.


In addition to its simple interface and easy-to-use gameplay, “Crime Revolt” also offers players many exciting features. First, the game gives players an extremely rich weapon system. Every time you want a weapon, the player must fight, accumulate money and experiences to be able to get that gun. It can be said that this game design excites a lot of players in conquering the game. In addition, the game also owns many different costume sets, all of which have the ability to increase certain stats for the character. Not only that, but the player’s armor will also increase after buying costumes, this indicator helps your warriors survive longer before the rain of enemy bullets. Similar to other FPS games, the game also has many attractive game modes for you to choose including Team, Deathmatch, Zombie, Points Capture, and Flags.


The graphics in “Crime Revolt” are also an impressive point. The scene of the game screen is relatively wide design and high realism. Effects of bullets, smoke effects, and fire are clearly depicted, giving players the feeling of excitement. Colors in the game are quite fresh, have high contrast, and do not encounter the sawtooth effect. Overall, the graphics of the “Crime Revolt” are completed with great details and realism. It can be affirmed that the game was born for devotees of FPS games.



Download Crime Revolt MOD APK + OBB v2.18 (Radar Hack/Auto Aim)

SIZE : 217M

GURGE : Action

– 2.18 – MOD V1

– 2.18 – MOD V2

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