Download Alto’s Odyssey MOD APK v1.0.10 (Unlimited Money) for Android

When it comes to deserts, perhaps what we are going to think about is arid regions, which have special heat-resistant plants such as camels and cacti. They must have the characteristics of how to survive in this place. And when it comes to skiing, people will think of the type of ski sport on the large ice rink. So when you combine the deserts and skiing, how do you find Alto’s Odyssey?

It will remind you of Monument Valley

Like skiing, you will also be skating with your favorite skateboard but not necessarily on a large ice field of cold winter, there is a desert full of sand. This is a strange and exciting combination of a little bit hot of summer and cold of winter. You will slide as long as there is no stop, slide as far as possible because players can collect more gold and other rewards. There are some obstacles you will encounter, however, it is not too big but still making get gold coins is not easy at all. As a character in the game, the first thing the player will meet is a large desert space. And there, you’ll have your skateboard through the obstacles, collecting gold coins in the sand, the air or on bridges and other places.


Game graphics are simple. The dominant color is the bright yellow of the sand and the sunshine of the day, grey at night. It sounds a bit monotonous when it comes to combining just only the two colors. But it’s also a special feature of Alto’s Odyssey, which ensures the intactness of the desert that is just as fresh as sand. There will be lots of air balloons throughout the game with birds flying in the air.

The game is worth a try

The sport of skiing may be familiar to us all as it becomes a winter sport that is enjoyed by so many adventurous athletes. Dropping down on dense snow roads, feeling the wind rolling in with the joy of completing a new slide that takes a lot of time to implement. All will bring you the most authentic experience in Alto’s Odyssey. Current in the game test in beta test at some world in the world. You can’t still download this game but chill out! We will provide the download link as soon as possible.


Download Alto’s Odyssey MOD APK v1.0.10 (Unlimited Money) for Android

SIZE : 74M

GURGE : Casual

– 1.0.10 – MOD

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