Download 8 Ball Hero v1.18 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

In addition to games like soccer or tennis, billiards is also a popular sport. Join the 8 Ball Hero, players can shoot Beer right on their phones, anytime, anywhere. The game organizes tournaments and challenges for people to conquer. If you are a super player, don’t miss the opportunity to show your talents.


When the game starts, a billiard table will appear on the screen, with 15 target balls numbered from 1 to 15. Players will use their sticks to push the cue ball, the goal is to push the target balls into 6 holes in the corner of the table. The player will perform the first turn, and the player will switch to the opponent if it does not push any ball that falls into the hole.

So, what factors do we need to become a good billiard player? This depends on the ability to aim and shoot, adjust the thrust accordingly to create the interaction forces between the balls together. When the turn comes, a white line appears, connecting to the cue ball. Then, this line splits into two directions, including the direction of the cue ball, and the direction of the target ball’s movement. The player will touch the screen and rotate in different directions to adjust the shot angle. Then touch the shape of the stick on the left side of the screen and drag it down to set the force. If sometimes, players feel their skills are not good, join the practice mode to improve their skills. Note, each turn only takes 30 seconds. In this short time, players need to complete the shot. Otherwise, the player loses the turn and loses the chance to move the ball to the position he wants.

Multiple modes for players to choose

8 Ball Hero supports 3 game modes, including online, offline or two people taking turns playing on the same device. If you play online, the player can play against other opponents in the same system and must follow the rules of a conventional game. It is to turn the target balls in turn in order, descending from 15 to 8. If the player accidentally puts the ball with a smaller number in the previous hole, he will lose. If you play offline, the player will fight with the AI ​​of the game and can score freely. Many game modes to choose from and players can entertain anywhere.


Although the 8 Ball Hero is just a simple sports game, the designer has also included characters to accompany the player. Each character has a distinct personality and different clothing styles. Players can bring them to the ring and show their talents. However, these characters are not available. Players need to use their money and buy them in the store.

Some other interesting features

Level: Every time a player completes a match, he/she will gain experience points to level up. The higher the player’s level is, the higher their ranking will increase. From there, the system will select suitable competitors to pair for players. The level system in 8 Ball Hero also means that when the player is better, they will face more challenges.
Challenge your friends: 8 Ball Hero allows players to connect to Facebook, Gmail and Miniclip accounts. Players can send challenges to friends and show their abilities.
Item system: The game has a collection of unique items, including billiard balls, billiards stick, and the tables. Players can use the Pool Coins they earned from winning to shop in the Pool Shop.

MOD Info?

1. Unlimited Cash // Cash doesn’t decrease
2. Unlimited Lives // Unlimited Lives Purchased


1. Unlimited Cash // Cash doesn’t decrease
2. Unlimited Lives // Unlimited Lives Purchased

Download 8 Ball Hero v1.18 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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