Disney+ Plus v2.1.1-rc1 APK + MOD (Premium/Subscribed)

Disney+ Plus (MOD, Premium/Free Subscriber) is a movie app where you can come to the impressive series of familiar studios like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, etc.

A long time ago, people had televisions to watch movies. Then even more modern up to now, we can go to the cinema. However, the most notable thing that manufacturers have come up with is the movie application on your phone. It becomes famous because you do not need to go far to watch movies. From which the entertainment needs of people are increasingly enhanced. Referring to the movie application, it is impossible not to mention Disney+, a famous application about the most popular movies currently.

Disney+ Plus v2.1.1-rc1 APK + MOD (Premium/Subscribed)

Superheroes, cartoons, and more

As an online movie application, you can easily see that Disney allows watching movies from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar or National Geographic, and many other brands. When you first enter the application will appear the studios for you to choose, below will be a few suggestions about famous movies. It is divided into several categories to easily select the right movie. Create a personal account to log in applications easily. Usually used by Gmail or personal phone number, the application will send a confirmation code to make sure you are a subscriber, thereby setting a password to continue the application. The suggestions may be part of the movie we want to see, but if you want to search for other movies, click Search next to the Home button to search.

There are three main parts:
– Movies: this section refers to the short films with a small amount of time, click here to find the right movie, typically most films have only one episode
– Series: only the series has many episodes, viewers will watch this episode and then go to another magazine, or they will not always choose the episode they want to watch.
– Originals: this is the original part of the movie, and it is only available exclusively from distributors.

Disney+ Plus v2.1.1-rc1 APK + MOD (Premium/Subscribed)

All three main sections help users find the movie they want. Once you have chosen the right movie, click on the movie, it will immediately display a general introduction about the movie. It will talk about the genre, the main content, and which actors. Below are suggestions for movies of the same genre. Click Play to watch the movie, or click the plus sign to add the movie to the section of watch later. You can put as many movies as you want to watch later. At least make sure you don’t forget them in the viewing section later on.

Disney+ Plus v2.1.1-rc1 APK + MOD (Premium/Subscribed)


Countless Disney+ Premium features you can learn about here

4K Resolution, HDR, 7.1 Audio and many advanced features

Brings a lot of exciting blockbusters, so having many outstanding features is also one of the big plus points for Disney +. The app reminds the user of how many movies you currently have on the waiting list. This will help you not to forget those exciting movies. Although it is a movie application, there is no special advertisement when watching movies at Disney+. Compared with other applications or regardless of TV, viewers will feel extremely uncomfortable when the middle of their favourite film appears an ad.

Download and watch anywhere

It makes the movie interrupted and gives a bad feeling. Knowing the feelings of the viewers as well as the service users of manufacturers did not accept any ads appearing here. A vast and necessary breakthrough from a movie app? There is also a Downloads section that allows users to download unlimited movies, which will enable you to watch movies anywhere without having an internet connection, so bring Disney+ everywhere to watch movies delight is a must-do.

Disney+ Plus v2.1.1-rc1 APK + MOD (Premium/Subscribed)

Watch movies with your family

The most outstanding feature is that it can stream to up to 4 devices. When a device is playing a movie that you want to share with others for sharing without having to be interrupted by the same viewing time. And do not want to be cramped because a device is quite small, then sharing to reduce the burden is the priority. Broadcasting up to 4 such devices is of great help to the user; if someone wants to log out to do something else, they will not affect those who are watching. When done, the person can still watch the movie. All these utilities and utilities are all available and all in one small but extremely excellent application.

These are all official Disney+ features. However, with our MOD Premium version, you can watch all movies for free, no login required, unlimited devices and countries with up to 4K quality.


The design is cleverly organized; all designs show creativity. Clearly segment each topic and each category to make searching easier. The main color of black and blue is the color of the logo outside of Disney, creating what appears in the content of the application becomes clear. It will not take too long to get used to these designs because they are almost simple.


  • No login required, support all countries
  • Quality from HD up to 4K HDR with 250 subtitle languages
  • This is an unofficial MOD version, please note this (Disney+ App Official app is not crackable)

Disney+ Plus v2.1.1-rc1 APK + MOD (Premium/Subscribed)

SIZE : 15M

GURGE : Entertainment

– 1.17.1 – Premium/Subscribed

– 2.1.1-rc1 – Original

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