DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched)

Disk Digger Pro File recovery is a brilliant and modern application. Do you want to recover photos, recover deleted data, you accidentally deleted important data? That makes you sad or worried. Don’t worry because our photo recovery app will give you a brilliant experience. It will recover data that you accidentally deleted or get back deleted data. How will this application help you to handle this job? Now, let’s find out about the appeal of this application.

DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched) DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched)


In minutes of carelessness, you delete your images, important data in word or excel, or important documents that the company assigns to you… This app will solve that problem for you. It will help you to solve when you are careless. Best of all, this application will recover the data you want to recover. With a smartphone in hand, open the CHplay app and find the DiskDigger Pro File recovery app. Once downloaded, you will be able to recover your important documents and photos. It is not too difficult, is it? You don’t have to go to the stores in the city; sit at home, download the app, and you’ll be able to restore compatible photos.


Rooting is a process that helps users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices running Android operating systems gain priority access (also known as root access) on many Android subsystems. Root access is sometimes compared to jailbreak devices running the Apple iOS operating system. Rooting the phone helps you completely master your device; it will deeply interfere with what the manufacturer locks or blocks. To be clear, root takes control of the device’s system, allowing you to customize settings that bypass the manufacturer’s high-security barrier.

DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched) DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched)

This application is intended for devices using android. Your mobile device or smart computer must be rooted. Because if your machine is roots, your ability to recover images and important data will be higher. This application is always compatible with all devices with Android 2.2 and above. With a smart computer, photo recovery is no longer difficult for you. It has been beneficial and effective for us. Actually, this application is extremely efficient and modern, giving users a sense of safety and efficiency.


Disk Digger is completely free for you when you want to recover photos and videos. This is really necessary for many people. Photos or videos are unforgettable memories and help us remember outstanding actions and actions in the past. Because of this, the application is completely free when you want to restore these old photos. And more specifically, in addition to the basic version above, we also create a pro version. They recover photos and videos and recover other types of files or important data and documents. Besides, it also allows us to upload recovered FTP files or delete unwanted files. It will give your device more free space.

DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched) DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched)


To make it easy to use the app, we’ve designed straightforward styles. That makes it easy for you to access and use the application. After running the application, it will show up with 2 options that are basic scan and full scan. With the phone, smart computer in hand, the application will recover all data that you deleted in a while. In particular, we will easily scan files, filter files, save files and clean up easily. We are always working hard to create a smart and modern application for our users. We want to help everyone to use this application in a rewarding and efficient way. It is easy to see that the layout that the application creates gives you a basic understanding. It is easy to see what data you want to recover, and the application will show you clearly. Really wonderful.

If you find that this is a good application, recommend it to your friends and relatives around you. Because when you recommend this app to everyone and promote the app, it also helps everyone around you recover images, videos, data, and important documents in study and work. Let’s download the app, and you will see that what we said was not wrong. An extremely modern and intelligent application. Disk Digger Pro File recovery solves the recovery problems you are having.


DiskDigger Pro File Recovery v1.0 APK (Patched)

SIZE : 2.4M

GURGE : Tools

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– 1.0 – PAID

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