Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

Digimon ReArise (MOD, Damage/Defense) deepens the friendship between Digimon and Tamers, giving you a chance to claim givingDigiDiamonds after each summon.

The story begins with something extraordinary. A strange Digimon suddenly burst out of power and got out of the player’s phone and the story started to be unpredictable. Our opponent is a hidden face with mysterious actions threatening the world of Digimon. The only player with the mysterious power is the SPIRAL name. This does not seem to be based on any existing storyline, but rather a whole new chapter with an adventurous adventure.

Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

Not only will this be all new Digimon with the power to be exploited, but there is still iconic characters companion on the road to explore the dark plot waiting ahead. Digimon ReArise by Bandai Namco Producer seems to be a good choice for those who like the adventures and passions of Digimon anime series. The publisher has informed everyone that this will be a good RPG. The game will revolve around Friendship Evolution between humans and Digimon coming out of the virtual world. The game will have exciting and interesting features that you will want to learn immediately.

Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

Train the cute digimon

Although the Digimon ReArise game is based on a familiar storyline, it gives you the option to choose your path. You will be able to select your own brand new Digimon has just been launched genuine from the manga producer rather than the creativity of the game developers. Of course, you know that every Digimon will have its evolution and strength and style of attack, but the player is free to customise it with his style. That is the unique style of RPG brings.

Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

Each character will have unique strengths and equipment to increase their strength so they can participate in battles as efficiently as possible, so consider them to be able to play a certain role. Based on that their appearance and appearance are changed in the most personalized way possible.

Based on what I found on the publisher’s introduction, this could be a turn-based, 3D-friendly turn-based game. Digimon ReArise APK is obviously designed to be fancy to be able to attract players. The background is also very good with the large lawns when you hold a picnic with all your companions or big rivers and hills. The battle will be as fast and powerful as possible. The sound is voiced by famous Japanese vocalists.


Digimon ReArise will have a whole new story, focused on the friendship between Digimon and Tamers. This is a very interesting part because the publisher Bandai has followed closely the original comic book. Although scheduled for release on January 18, 2018, the game has been delayed for quite some time. The producer also acknowledged the mistake and promised to compensate the player for the reward after the game’s release. Although Digimon ReArise’s gameplay is quite similar to the Digimon World game, you can be assured that Digimon ReArise will have special features. Join the game, you can train the cute Digimon any time. Even if your phone has no network connection. Your Digimon stats will be updated on your phone has a strong network connection.

Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

Just like the Digimon Links released last year, the game mainly exploits the friendship of the main characters. We will have new characters like Erismon. And the publisher has revealed that this is the key to the game. Erismon is the most important character in this game. This is a character with special powers: “Lightning Fur”.


Although music is not the biggest highlight of this game but skipping music is a big mistake. The soundtrack of the game is made by Straightener. In March, a Japanese rock band will release an album containing songs on the game. Of course, players will be able to hear these tunes when the game is released shortly thereafter. At this point, the manufacturer has no intention of bringing the game to the world,Digimon ReArise APK will be released in Japan before, after some time if the game receives the support from the player, of course, the game There will be an English version. Let’s wait

Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

Sum up

Besides, the publisher also holds meetings for pre-registered guests to meet and receive signatures of beautiful girls who contribute voice actors such as Chika Sakamoto, the voice of Agumon in the original Digimon Adventures, and Mayumi Yamaguchi, the voice of Gabumon in the original Digimon Adventures.


Credits: Blackmod

Digimon ReArise v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Damage/Defense)

SIZE : 64M

GURGE : Adventure

– 3.0.0 – MOD

– 4.2.0 – MOD

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