Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)

Experience the chase of scary zombies with handsome guys when participating in Dangerous Fellows. Participants in the game will be dating guys with extremely attractive faces, not only that but also very kind. Being chased by a zombie is terrifying. But don’t worry, players will feel safe when accompanying extremely masculine guys in the game. Overcome the dangers lurking, by all means, to be feverish in the chases!

Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)


Just like the simulation games appearing on the market today, participants will be extremely excited to experience a game with an extraordinary mission. Those who are passionate about simulation games with horror elements will definitely enjoy participating in this game. In this game, the player will participate in the game as a female character being attacked and chased by a fierce zombie.

What the participant needs to do here is, by all means, get out of its chase. Dangerous Fellows players will have to use weapons or move quickly to attack them or escape from the pursuit. In addition, the highlight of the game is the help of male characters who appear in the game to help the main character. The player’s tasks will be less complicated when receiving extremely effective help from handsome guys.

Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)


When starting to participate in Dangerous Fellows, the player must have always been mentally prepared for unexpected events during the mission. And in Dangerous Fellows, the publisher will offer extremely unexpected situations to give players different emotions. What players need to keep in mind is always to be alert even though the player may not have anyone in front of them, but sometimes zombies appear behind them.

Once attacked by zombies, the player will be injured. But the player will be injured depending on the level, and the amount of health will decrease in proportion to the level of injury. And if you lose too much blood, the player will not be able to become the winner. During the stages, participants need to stay calm before the power of the zombies and use their intelligence to suppress them.

Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)


Players participating in the task will be transformed into charming female characters. The main character in Dangerous Fellows is built with an adorable and personality image and is also very strong in difficult situations. Faced with bloodthirsty zombies, no matter how strong, the female protagonist needs help. And the publisher has been very subtle when putting into the game five male characters to help players to be able to pass the task quickly.

The five male characters all have an extremely handsome and charming appearance with a great image building from the publisher. Each character will have a different look, from hair to face and even costumes. But in general, players will have to admire and enjoy the helping actions and warm words from the five male characters.

Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)


Typical of the hateful zombies is always chasing the main character to the end to take the player’s life. It is also something that players need to overcome when constantly racing with their chase. At the beginning of the game, the player will be able to choose a male character to help him perform the task. Players need to think carefully before selecting a character because the right choice is required in order to create a perfect combination.

With a sword in hand, Ethan is always ready to give his all to the participants. The character Harry is always full of energy and devotes himself to the battle for beauty. Next is the good named Lawrence and the promise to ensure the safety of players when participating in Dangerous Fellows. The guy on the outside seems cold, but inside, he is always interested in Eugene’s main character. Finally, there is Zion with a stick in hand, not afraid of any hateful zombies.

Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)

Join the warm and lovely guys to overcome the increasingly rampant zombies in life when joining Dangerous Fellows. Players will receive a large number of diamonds when going through the missions well. Constant vigilance from all sides to quickly detect the appearance of zombies lurking everywhere. Players will enjoy the adventure and experience with five handsome and lovable male characters.


  • Endless rubies for which you can buy clothes in the wardrobe and tickets and tips in the store (in the main menu, click on the + sign next to any currency at the top of the screen, then scroll down the list).

Dangerous Fellows v1.20.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Keys)

SIZE : 90M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.20.4 – MOD

– 1.20.3 – MOD

– 1.20.4 – Original

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