Cross Fight v1.0.30 MOD APK

Cross Fight – an entertaining game for smartphones with the most addictive gameplay you’ve ever known. This is a battle of crowds if your allies outnumber the enemies, you win. The rules are simple, but can you be a winner?


Although the gameplay of Cross Fight is very addictive, it is still not difficult to control because all you need to control the game is just a finger. To be able to win in any match, the first thing you need to do is prepare the army to start fighting. There are many different types of units in this game that you can choose to start fighting with the enemy. Each unit has its own strengths and fighting style, but in general, they are useful in melee combat. Initially, the game will only provide a small number of members of your army.

Through the battle, you will need to accumulate money and experience to start unlocking new types of soldiers. The more soldiers you unlock, the stronger your army will become. After everything is ready, the next thing you need to do is let troops start fighting. Just press and hold your fingers on the screen, a large number of soldiers will rush out and fight. The longer you hold it, the more soldiers will run out. However, you also need to avoid getting soldiers crashed by cars because the number of troops you have will greatly reduce. Therefore, press and hold at the right time to be able to preserve the number of troops you want to bring to the battlefield. This is really a challenge, and you will need a lot of time to improve your skills. So are you ready?


Cross Fight gives players some other exciting features.

As I mentioned, Cross Fight gives players the simplest gameplay you’ve ever known, and this is also the highlight and attraction of this game. With just one finger, you can create many different soldiers, and you can win at the same time. All you need is concentration, and you will definitely win this game.

Besides, it also gives you many different levels of challenges for you to experience. With increasing difficulty, your reflexes will always be tested, so are you confident that you will be able to overcome every challenge that this game offers?

So are you interested in Cross Fight? If so, download it to your phone and experience it now.


Cross Fight v1.0.30 MOD APK

SIZE : 41M

GURGE : Casual

– 1.0.30 – Original

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