Crisis Action v4.1.9 (MOD ammo) APK – Download for Android

HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO is a well-known game publisher with many games on iTunes. And this time they launched the game Crisis Action: 2018 NO.1 innovation compared to the shooter. Crisis Action: 2018 NO.1 is a First-Person Shooting game. Although FPS has been created in many forms, it is still quite attractive to many game fans. In the early 20th century the first time fans were approached by this game. So far FPS is still preferred by gamers that do not make players feel bored. One of the most prominent names in the FPS franchise is the Battlezone title, which gives an entirely new feel to the gaming market. From here, a lot of super-FPS was born including Crisis Action: 2018 NO.1 and the game has recently updated Survival Mode.

NO.1 FPS game for mobile

Crisis Action: 2018 NO.1 is a turbulent world in which players must continuously move and act swiftly in response to an attack by the enemy. Imagine yourself going through the sniper rifle on your screen and winning your own victory. The player owns more than 30 different modes for ease of use and intense battlefield experience. Moreover, the game offers more than 300 customizable types of weapons to serve the player’s best fight to win the opponent. The game interface has a joystick that allows the player to control his character’s movement in multiple directions conveniently. Depending on the stage and circumstances, the player can change guns and modes accordingly. Real-time combat games require players to be agile to seize the opportunity. All of the above gives Crisis Action: 2018 NO.1 unique and attractive gameplay.

The game requires users to connect to wifi to participate in online battle with many participants, forming many Epic Battle. You can also invite your friends to play and work together to survive and win easily. An innovation in-game strategy today is the updated Survival Mode. People play games, but they are not meant for entertainment, but they bring the message that people need to protect and live together.

The game is designed in the form of Tournament. Players fight on stage; you must win a new stage. That means your combat experience will be more advanced after each stage and will allow you to accumulate more of yourself.


Realistic 3D graphics depict each character’s actions such as running, shooting or hiding. The sound of each character’s movements makes the player feel more excited. The interface of the game is simply designed to help players conveniently fight or choose different weapons and features. The game is now required iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also, the game also requires the user must be at least 17 years old to download this application. The game is free to download but if you want to buy the package from 60 to 1200 diamonds have to pay depending on the level.


The game Crisis Action: 2018 NO.1 MOD recently launched not long ago but has confirmed its appeal to the world game market. Download the game and experience the breakthrough from the FPS series of HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO.


Crisis Action v4.1.9 (MOD ammo) APK – Download for Android

SIZE : 34M

GURGE : Action, Survival

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– 4.1.9 – Original

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