Civilization Revolution 2 v1.4.4 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

Strategy games, in the form of empire-building, are often highly entertaining games, with hundreds of things for players to explore and experience. Moreover, players will have to develop the empire, evolve, and research countless different units or functions to make the empire stronger. The gameplay of those games is also often seen as endless and has a huge series of campaigns for players to conquer and experience.

A prime example is Civilization Revolution 2, an empire-building strategy game, and the player will be the head of a democratic empire and begin to propagate democracy around the world. What’s more interesting is that players will become famous presidents of the United States, decide how to develop, and build relationships with neighboring countries. This game will give players the best experience of being the president of the greatest country.


Civilization Revolution 2 is a sequel to its previous game, with a heroic return, along with hundreds of things added to entertain players. Furthermore, everything like graphics, gameplay, features, worlds, and rules will be refreshed, making players want to explore and conquer the world. The game has gameplay developed in tactical style, but players must know the balance of many different factors to make America always strong.

The player’s goal is simple, to fight neighboring nations and to constantly turn them into a new region of America. Of course, everything that is needed will be consumed like resources, budget, time, and more, to complete plans. Furthermore, the players themselves have to decide the best plans and outline the strongest path to democracy that leads to victory.


With the return of Civilization Revolution 2, it also gives players a surprise, which is the diversity of state modes. Yes, if the player doesn’t want capitalism, then they can start with the communism, and beat the Western countries. Each Leader has separate gameplay, including development paths and ideas. Players will also be supported with a multipurpose handbook, helping them to better understand all the functions before applying to territories. The game will continuously have many new updates, accompanied by many leaders with unique ideas for players to enjoy.


The process of developing the player’s empire will have to go through a long time, starting with the first period of modern war to the present time, even the future. Each era has its characteristics, like the state regime, its leaders, the army, the way of life of the people, and much more. However, regardless of the era, players must always constantly research and apply new technologies in the development of the empire. Not only construction technology but also military technology, thereby equipping the army with the most advanced weapons to invade enemies faster. However, the player must also focus on defensive systems, as the enemy will also develop to keep pace with the player.


In the process of empire development, players must know how to combine invasion and defense, as well as research, development, and infiltration into other countries. The game will have a massive upgrade system for players to manage the empire and improve many major functions. Of course, the process of invasion is essential, when the player must control the army to attack the enemies most effectively to win. Before the invasion begins, players will have to produce, arrange, and organize armies properly, as well as build a cost-effective support army. Building and invading will consume resources, but if the campaign is successful, there will be more rewards. If the player successfully invades a new territory, that area belongs to the player’s management, and they can move their defenses further.


If players want to search for more complex challenges, then they can save their current progress, and go to the Scenario Challenges. It’s an additional game mode of the game, and it gives the player control of a pre-built empire, with the available technologies, and the player’s mission to continue at that point. However, the purpose of the player this time will be more precise and clear, like invading any country and making friends with someone. These challenges are to test the player’s tactical abilities and empire building, so it has no rewards, but makes the player more adept at empire management.

Civilization Revolution 2 has a ton of things for players to explore and experience, as well as to challenge their tactical and leadership skills. The game uses friendly 3D graphics, builds the world randomly, and applies a variety of realistic mechanics to entertain players. Not only that, but also the political element is clearly emphasized, and used as the core element of the game. If you love empire-building strategy games, then this game will be a perfect choice for you.


Civilization Revolution 2 v1.4.4 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

SIZE : 470M

GURGE : Strategy

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