ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)

ChicTok: Brawler is a continuous action game featuring hot girls with a sexy and energetic design for players to pursue. The entire content inside the game is full of adult-sensitive factors, but the entertainment and excitement it brings are worthwhile. More surprises or new potential will gradually unlock in the future to immerse players in this hedonistic gameplay.

ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)


ChicTok: Brawler’s content mainly revolves around small-scale battles with fast-paced, and the player must complete all objectives within the allotted time. Their journey will be divided into many smaller levels, giving them gradual progress to unlock new skills and become more superior. Not stopping there, players will have the opportunity to meet the first girls in the squad, and they are all naughty with twisted ways of thinking to stimulate players.

ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)


The combat system is flexible and reactive for players to immerse themselves in countless wonderful and refreshing moments. Everything is also designed with lustful and sexy beauty, and even the girls have avatars with brilliant appearances for players to control and interact with everything. Besides, players can exploit more appealing potentials in combat mechanics for the smoothest and most flexible experience.

ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)


After the wars, the player needs to take care and maintain the girls to replenish spiritual energy in the next battles. ChicTok: Brawler will introduce a base management system with all the amenities and in-depth upgrades so that every girl has better performance even before the start of combat. In the future, players can build more new types of structures to improve the fighting ability of the girls or the integrated skill system.


Seizing the girls is important as the player must always collect new units to supplement the battle squad. Every girl in the game has a unique personality and attractive appearance in many styles, and they even have many secrets for players to unlock as mental rewards. What’s more, they all have separate playthroughs for players to make the most of their abilities or skills on the battlefield.

ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)


ChicTok: Brawler will introduce many sinful but exciting secrets as the girls will show players their true faces. On top of that, players can unlock all the secrets of every girl they own and have the chance to expand their collection of legends in the most sensual scenes. Of course, players will have the opportunity to spend evenings of warmth and pleasure when achieving the necessary goals in a special relationship or affection.

ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)


The game will continuously bring players many exciting activities and challenges to enhance entertainment or expand gameplay. Also, most of the rewards from the activities are unique costumes for each girl, making them more memorable with unique effects and stimulating players’ desires. Moreover, costumes, items, or other things can support players in many campaigns, even upgrade everything to improve the combat performance of every girl.

ChicTok: Brawler has a lot of adult content, but it has a unique charm thanks to its continuous action element. In addition, the game’s image quality is also top-notch when it makes the girls more fascinating, whether inside or outside, for players to immerse in endless pleasure.


High Damage Skills
Frozen Enemies

ChickTok Brawler v0.1.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Frozen Enemies)

SIZE : 43M


– 0.1.6 – MOD

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