Champion of the Field (COF) v0.104.20 APK + OBB

A football game with experiences similar to FIFA games on the smartphone platform and helps you have completely impressive matches is Champion of the Fields. Players will take the time to experience what the game has to offer, including how to move correctly in the match. In addition, this is always a place to help you satisfy your passion for king sport when you can collect many athletes with different stats.

Champion of the Field (COF) v0.104.20 APK + OBB


Players will experience a completely impressive football match as players overcome an utterly realistic match and help them fully show their skills. The environment in the game is designed entirely beautifully and helps players have completely amazing and attractive feelings during the game. At the same time, this is perfectly suitable for many players, especially those who have played games like FIFA.

In Champion of the Fields, players will control the character in a third-person perspective and characteristic of these football sports genres. At the same time, during the game, you will have the same experience as PC games when everything is done through buttons with different functions. In other words, you will be the one to decide for all the actions of the character in the game to score into the opponent’s net and win the game.

Champion of the Field (COF) v0.104.20 APK + OBB


As mentioned above, players will have a realistic feeling when controlling the characters moving on the field. In other words, the movements are not minimal or partially automated but will be performed entirely by the player. The gameplay of this game is straightforward to understand; that is, try to score as many goals as possible before your opponent and become the winner of the game screen. But this is not at all simply because there will be many challenges.

Players will control character movements with joysticks and various function buttons that control passing, shooting, and many other actions. That takes time for players to get used to playing on new platforms and improve their skills. Specifically, you will control a single character and contain the characters participating in the field. You will know for yourself what you need to do to win the game through team coordination.

Champion of the Field (COF) v0.104.20 APK + OBB

Players will navigate to which targets their character can move to, and most will be characters standing nearby. So, with joystick control, this becomes more convenient for players. As you play, you’ll spend time honing your skills and immersing yourself in the world the game can bring you. In addition, the game also provides the opportunity for you to master the mechanics and be able to create your own goals.


During the experience of Champion of the Fields, you will surely realize the many different game modes that this game brings to you when on the main screen. You’ll be able to go head-to-head against other players to earn extra in-game rewards. At the same time, do not forget to recommend this game to your friends so they can play with you and sometimes the two of you will compete in a match of your choice. So there will be many challenges for you to overcome.

Champion of the Field (COF) v0.104.20 APK + OBB

If you feel you are not confident in your abilities, one of the factors you can try is to confront the AIs. While they can all be better or worse than the player you’re used to, it won’t be as overwhelming as you’re playing against another player. So this is the primary mode where players can practice and increase their reflexes to master all four action buttons in the game.


Besides the skills that play an essential role in this game, you will certainly not be able to ignore the players’ stats. Each character has different stats, and if the user is interested, it will sometimes make a difference in the match. Therefore, anyone who plays a football game wants to have a squad with imposing players and a particular rarity. Champion of the Fields can also do this for you.

The character system in the game is prosperous, that you will spend time collecting them because the character opening system operates according to the gacha mechanism. In other words, you will spend money to open a certain number of characters, and you will know in that banner which characters are rare and worth owning. But the gacha mechanics always give characters complete surprises, and the game also offers an opening cutscene that increases the suspense for the player.


Champion of the Field (COF) v0.104.20 APK + OBB

SIZE : 1.2G

GURGE : Sports

– 0.104.20 – Original

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