Castle Fusion Idle Clicker v1.9.6 MOD APK (Merge Hack)

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker is a free Android-based game produced by Shark Jump. This is a strategy with traditional thinking. You will be transformed into a real Castle Fusion boss, coming up with smart strategies to fight to the end and destroy the enemies to the end. If you are a content lover and want to experience new things, try it now, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker v1.9.6 MOD APK (Merge Hack) Castle Fusion Idle Clicker v1.9.6 MOD APK (Merge Hack)


The game has extremely new content and is inspired by fascinating storylines. Throughout the game, you will be immersed in a virtual world and full of dreams. There are many mysterious things in this fantasy world, including the orc peoples that reside there and many goblins and other fantastic creatures. The game also opens up countless missions and stages. Each level will increase the level of challenge more difficult that requires you to really understand the rules and rules of the game.

You will be playing the role of a leader who holds all the decisions and powers, then devises strategies using weapons and follows the given story to fight a multitude of enemies who are monsters. Aggressive cyborgs run by orcs and brutal goblins, and raise a dragon of your own. The game really will delight fans with its engaging storyline and other outstanding features.


Castle Fusion Idle Clicker brings straightforward gameplay, and your task is to capture defensive bases and destroy a series of enemies using that defensive tower. You will receive a wooden crate at the beginning of the game, which contains a weapon you need to click; the weapon will automatically appear. When you have the same weapons, merge them by moving the 2 merged weapons together, from which you will create towers with the most optimal power possible.

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker v1.9.6 MOD APK (Merge Hack) Castle Fusion Idle Clicker v1.9.6 MOD APK (Merge Hack)

In addition to merging towers. You can also go AFK and see collectible lines or click around your empire. What you need to do after winning or ending the battle is to open the tower door to humans and elves and stably control your character. Also, during the game, collect items from the defeated enemies. This is very important in upgrading the defense system to destroy the enemy quickly.


Castle Fusion Idle Clicker has an attractive storyline and gameplay and increases its appeal when produced with three-dimensional graphics. This seems to be an important factor in helping you have the most realistic experiences with multi-dimensional angles in each scene and terrain. In addition, the characters and weapons are depicted in great detail and true to their violent nature, from robots to many goblins.

Although the game has high graphics, its capacity is completely suitable for the game genre used on the phone. That’s why you don’t need to worry about heavy problems or quickly running out of battery, and it is maximized so that you can be idle for a longer time. Furthermore, amid the beautiful art style, the sound effects are incredibly entertaining, along with the game’s pace for the entire duration of the fight. All combined to make a great game.


Unlike the Turret Fusion version, Castle Fusion Idle Clicker seems to be maximally improved in all aspects, from visuals to gameplay. The game offers players a variety of weapons with different functions and levels, all of which are easy to play and hard to beat, including bows, levers, cannons… for you to have a multi-player experience. Although the gameplay is up to you, you still have to follow the storyline of the new group of heroes provided by the game.

The game also owns a completely new feature. That is, you will be at the edge in the Leaderboard with many serious attempts across the region. This can be an important factor to help you not get bored after a long-playing process and a purpose for you to try to win and complete the task in the best way. Besides, after each kills the enemy, you can also earn achievement points, upgrade the characters, unlock weapons, and wait for you to discover many other outstanding features.

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker guarantees to bring you exciting moments not only through each attractive gameplay, outstanding features but also through its meaning. You will witness the cycle of destruction and discover the deeper meaning behind this war. So download and experience it now!




Castle Fusion Idle Clicker v1.9.6 MOD APK (Merge Hack)

SIZE : 36M

GURGE : Casual

– 1.9.3 – MOD

– 1.9.5 – MOD

– 1.9.6 – Original

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