CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

CarX Highway Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money) will give players the most refreshing feeling when driving new generation cars on highways in compelling and engaging gameplay.

Speed ​​is something so many other people own, so racing is a very popular sport. Racing isn’t just a sport, it’s what inspired so many movies to come out, like “Need for Speed” and many more. But not only is it famous as a sport and movie, but it’s also famous for the many titles that have been released for players to experience. In the market, racing games are always the first choice for entertainment. Out of the dozens of titles that have been released, there is one that is the most appreciated, that is CarX Highway Racing – which offers an authentic racing experience.

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

High-end graphics combined with vivid sound

There is not too much to talk about when it comes to the graphics of this game because it is so perfect. The game’s creative team has done a great job on the game’s graphics piece to provide the best experience possible. Although there will still be some minor graphics bugs of the game, they are too small so players do not need to worry too much about it. In general, all the details from objects and vehicles have been thoroughly completed to ensure the player’s experience. The scenery of the game, whether in urban or in forests, has the same level of completion for players to experience.

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

#1 racing on a traffic-packed highway!

The great forest of huge trees, the city with lights coming from the big houses, all in the game are very real and great for players to experience. Referring to the game’s cars, it has been carefully perfected with extremely high detail for players to observe. All are perfect to bring the best experience to players. Along with the vivid image of the game, it is impossible not to mention the sound of the game, this is what makes the game to a new level. The sound of the engine screaming every time the gas accelerates, the drift on the surface, and many other things, all very smooth. When the sound and images are connected together, that’s what makes the game so great than ever.

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

Racing in the city

When it comes to the game, players will have access to highways, where there are many vehicles to race. Also because there are many other vehicles moving together, the danger of the game is very great, and it will be difficult to complete the game perfectly. If you want to be a winner, you have to master two things, namely speed, and technique. If these two are missing, the player will not be able to win, they must have both to succeed.

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

On the journey where the player reaches the destination, there are many other means so the player needs to find a way to avoid them. If there is an accident, the player will be reduced speed and the player’s opponents will take the opportunity to overtake. Players will have to spend a lot of time to be able to master them.

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

Be careful with the police

There is a factor that will greatly affect the player’s racing process that is the police. Since the player’s race location is on the boulevard, it is dangerous for the player, so the police will have to stop the player. They will attack the player and will probably destroy the player’s vehicle so be careful to avoid them. In other games, players will not need to worry about the police, but for this game, if not careful, they will learn to attack. There are two ways to get rid of the police: faster than them or destroy them, but either way, they will come back to attack the player.

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

Variety of game modes

Immerse yourself in the world of street racing


This mode is similar to classic car races that players have ever played or seen in movies. The goal of the player when participating in this regime is very simple is to be the first to reach the finish line. Players will participate in a race of 6 different cars and only one person can win. The player can do everything to win, such as destroying their opponent’s vehicle.


When players come to this mode, speed is not everything anymore. Instead, the player needs to destroy all the cars he sees in order to win. The game requires the player to destroy the opponent’s vehicle or the police vehicles, and the player must reach the required number to win.

Drag Racing

In this mode, speed is the deciding factor for all and will be the key to victory. The player only needs to press the button each time the clock hands go to the green area to accelerate.


  • Unlimited Money

CarX Highway Racing v1.74.1 MOD APK + OBB (Money/VIP/Level)

SIZE : 440M

GURGE : Racing

– 1.74.1 – MOD V1

– 1.74.1 – MOD V2

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