Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn)

Carrom Superstar will let players discover this classic board game’s endless potential and entertainment originating in India. It has many similarities to the 8-ball pool, but the rules are diverse, unique, and lightweight for players to relax with friends through many different game modes. Moreover, the game uses a dynamic and fluid graphics engine, creating a refreshing feeling when they start sliding and shooting buttons on the board.

Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn) Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn)


Carrom’s rules are special, and they only have a maximum of 2 players at a time, but enough to entertain or challenge the absolute precision of each player. Carrom Superstar is its Digital version, but with more superiority in the game mode element and modernized a few mechanics to keep players entertained. Furthermore, it introduces a unique online mode where they challenge friends or strangers to simple carrom battles.

The game applies turn-based mechanics, but if any player successfully scores with the corresponding color, they will continue in that turn. The goal is to score a perfect match before the opponent does it, but obstacles or other elements appearing on the board can be a problem for players. Also, because of the simple rules of the game, people can finish a match in less than 4 minutes depending on the level and professionalism of each player.


The traditional content or rules of the carrom are now digitized and add many novelties to entertain the players with its innovative ideas. Meanwhile, the players have to be more careful if they don’t hit the obstacles when their performance is random to give players a lot of entertainment. Furthermore, game modes can be played with friends or AI, allowing players to explore novel strategies.

Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn) Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn) Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn)

The great thing is that the game modes will be regularly refreshed and new content added to make the gameplay more diverse and fun. A few special details will also be added to make things even more exciting, bringing carrom and its attractive gameplay to the world. Best of all, they all creatively change the game’s rules, making traditional and modern elements perfectly interwoven in each aspect.


Besides providing players with simple and entertaining gameplay, Carrom Superstar also allows them to customize everything with many styles freely. That includes the surroundings, buttons, game levels, etc., to give them plenty of ideas to design a personalized fishing experience. However, players can only obtain some special content from the reward systems, including when players successfully defeat opponents at higher levels.


The depth and content of Carrom Superstar will give players more options perfect for enjoying this kind of classic pooling game. That includes a lovely emoji system for convenient interaction with opponents, play with friends through local mode, unlock new ranking, and progressing with main levels. The game will continuously introduce more new features, giving everyone a great impression of carrom.

If you are looking for a game with simple content but a large community of players, then Carrom Superstar will be a perfect choice. It takes a lot of modern concepts into a classic game to give players lots of fun exploring with people worldwide and even has a local mode for players to challenge their friends.


  • Always your turn (turn on the MOD when it is your turn)

Cre: cheatbyte

Carrom Superstar v62.9.0 MOD APK (Always Turn)

SIZE : 75M

GURGE : Sports

– 62.9.0 – MOD

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