Car Industry Tycoon v1.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

In this modern-day, everyone wants to own a car. Because it is a very convenient means of transportation for everyone. Therefore, up to the present time, the number of cars in the world is increasing rapidly. One consequence of this is that the automotive industry has become more prosperous than ever. If you own a car production chain, it will definitely be on the list of the richest people in the world. To achieve this success in real life requires a lot of effort, Car Industry Tycoon – Idle Car Factory Simulator is much easier. Do you want to try the feeling of becoming the owner of a car manufacturing factory chain?

Unique and funny images

Truly, Car Industry Tycoon brings a very different feeling to the player. It is just like a simulation game and uses minimal graphics. When players enter the game, they will feel the design is not like any other game before. The things in the game look like they were taken from Origami. They are angular like very detailed, adding to the array of diverse colors. When things start to increase, meaning that your industrial park has been expanded, the operation of the factory looks very rhythmic. If you regularly watch video satisfaction on the internet, there will be a unique similarity. The scale of this automobile production line will get bigger and bigger, making you more and more excited. Gliding through an enormous legacy and it’s truly owned, the feeling truly brings a little pride.

How to play easy, get rich quickly, but must know how to invest

Truly, Car Industry Tycoon follows the simple gameplay of a typical idle game. That is, you can do anything you like without having to spend too much time with the game. Another challenging factor in other games is very limited currency. The idle game allows your money to increase exponentially again. This allows players to spend freely to buy anything in the game without having to calculate too detailed. However, in the beginning, if you invest uncomfortably, you may encounter some difficulties. Later when you have a huge amount of capital, you are free to develop everything. At this point, the player becomes a talented designer with lots of available materials.

The kind of cars that you are allowed to produce

For a car manufacturer like you, the expensive models should be a priority. When you start a successful business and receive a large amount of money, think about the business strategy for your upcoming period. This is a really important thing. The game will give you lots of different unique options. Cabriolet is a car that many people love because of its innovative design – Folding roof. Sports cars sell fast because they’re the cheapest, compact, and high-speed. Exotic cars, Future cars, …all 12 types of car are all expensive cars with unique designs. Just selling a car of this type, the money you earn will be several dozen times that of cheap cars. In general, you have to invest properly to keep money flowing into your pocket. Build yourself a giant automobile manufacturing industry.

Hire quality workers so they can get things done perfectly

When you hire hard workers, they will operate the production system quickly. These people are very skilled because they have been trained before. Their pay is also quite high, so you should take advantage of all these resources, not to waste time. Moreover, the game also offers a lot of different technological upgrades to choose from. As mentioned, when starting, your factory is quite small, not too big. This makes the production speed of the finished product slow. When you have the money, you should upgrade these machines to make them more powerful. New buildings also need to be built to have more premises for expanding production. The bigger your industry, the faster you become wealthy. In addition to workers, you can also hire more mechanical engineers and managers to push things up when you’re away. Because while you are offline, everything will still happen as usual, so these people will allow workers to continue the unfinished work. Your money keeps increasing even when you AFK.


1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Diamonds
Increase when you spent

Car Industry Tycoon v1.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

SIZE : 35M

GURGE : Strategy

– 1.6.6 – MOD

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