Cafeland – World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)

Have you ever thought that one day you would run a restaurant business or open your own cafe? Have you ever imagined that you will be the one to plan and strategize how to raise your brand to new heights in the business market? Whether you are in business or have a business dream, I think it’s time for you to experiment – through the game Cafeland – World Kitchen. I introduce a little bit; this is a game in the simulation genre, developed by the GAMEGOS family. Join the game, and you will have the opportunity to design your cafe world and participate in cooking with the restaurant game Chef Eva. If you are a genius at making dishes and want to be a chef, this game will help you. Let me learn more about the game through this article!

Cafeland - World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)


The content of the game involves designing the cafe world and participating in Chef Eva’s restaurant cooking. Cafeland – World Kitchen helps you create your own virtual cafe and spread its branding to everyone in your virtual town. Capital trading is not easy. It depends a lot on the level of supply and demand, on the amount of money you invest in, large or small. Joining the game, you immediately have the opportunity to master, create your own career-related to drinks. Playing games also helps you to be more experienced if you do business in the real world, reducing the risks significantly.

Coming to this game, you can write up your own kitchen story. You will be unleashed in the design of your 5-star cafe so rich. At the same time, you are also free to unleash your cooking skills while striving to build up your own brand by recruiting more talented chefs to participate. Your specific task is to create a colossal cafe, with a team full of staff, the number of dishes is plentiful with many levels. All of these things will have a huge effect, attracting more and more customers, helping your business be successful.

Cafeland - World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)


Coming to the game, you will become an owner of a cafe business, where you can freely implement different business strategies. There are countless wonderful dishes, such as appetizers, desserts, fast foods, and much more. This makes this kitchen game more fun and perfect. It would be best to decorate it beautifully to become a dream store that matches your style and still attracts customers’ attention.

Customers coming to this cafe will have the opportunity to enjoy home-cooked dishes and a delicious fresh cup of coffee. Just imagining it is beautiful enough, right? Serving delicious dishes will be a plus for retaining customers, so they will come back to support the next time.

Cafeland - World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)


The game is designed with youthful, colorful graphics, looking very eye-catching and attractive. The beautiful image, plus the gentle gameplay, attracted many participants. The game is healthy, very suitable for everyone to entertain at any time, anywhere.

If you choose the mod version to experience, you will get one advantage: unlimited money features. With this feature, you will not worry about running out of money in the investment. When you spend, you will receive more money. It helps you reduce your financial worries; Because capital investment to rotate is a significant factor in maintaining an enterprise’s operation.

Cafeland - World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)


The game is lively cafe management and cooking simulation game, you not only experience the feeling of owning and managing everything in the shop, but you will also be familiar with unique recipes. The game is entertaining, but you will learn how to operate effectively when opening a restaurant or restaurant. That is exactly what you get from playing the game.

If you own a smart mobile phone, downloading the game is too simple. You find the name of this game in Google Play and select download. So then, you are allowed to explore and experience your culinary world. But if you do not have a mobile device, but you still want to play games on a computer operating system, you still have the chance to experience. Also, by downloading the game, but you need to download another supporting software called Bluestacks. Whoever you are, if you share a passion for business in the culinary field, let’s download the game together to have new experiences! I hope you successfully download the game and learn many interesting things from it!

Cafeland - World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)


  • Coins/Cash never decrease when you spent!

– If the game doesn’t load, you have been banned for playing mods before
– If the game loads slowly, use VPN

Cafeland – World Kitchen MOD APK v2.1.91 (Unlimited Cash/Coins)

SIZE : 80M

GURGE : Simulation

– 2.1.91 – MOD

– 2.1.90 – MOD

– 2.1.89 – MOD

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