Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

For today’s role-playing adventure genre, there is a genre that everyone loves and has always admired for a long time, which is Monster Catching and Battling. Human vs. Monsters is so familiar and saturated in today’s market, but Monster vs. Monster style are always new things to explore. This article will introduce Bulu Monster, a game of the stated genre, and exclusively developed for mobile platforms. The impressive and uniqueness that comes from gameplay is that it uses fantasy elements to develop the environment, even designing unique style monsters to make the player’s adventure endless. Now players can revive from zero to hero, gradually collect powerful monsters, and become one of the best in this game.


Bulu Monster introduces a vast open-world for players to explore and collect the squad’s most powerful monsters throughout various habitats. Moreover, the game applies retro graphics when the player is on the overworld or level field to create a familiar and friendly feeling. However, when the player enters the battle state, the game uses excellent graphics and visual quality to convey the player’s entire battle with eye-catching effects. Likewise, the game world is vast and constantly evolving based on players’ progress. Even they can use the monster’s special abilities to interact with the environment and head out to the outside world or collect lost treasures in oblivion.

Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)


The monster-catching genre feature is the turn-based combat mechanism, showing simplicity but difficulty if there is no perfect strategy for each monster. When fighting, players can choose or change any monster they want, depending on the enemy’s characteristics, to choose the perfect counter match. Each monster has a unique skill and attack system, and when the player combines all the actions, creating the perfect strategy is easy to win. However, while fighting, the player must obey the rules of the elements, as they have a great effect on all monsters, and that is also a chance for the player to win.


During the battle, monsters will have to enter a weakened state, and it is appropriate for the player to use special tools to collect them. However, collecting monsters is complicated, as the player must have the right tools, and the monster’s level is an issue. Even a rate mechanism will appear and make the battle more complicated while reducing the collection rate for each type of monster. In return, when the player collects monsters, they will be completely captured and ready to accompany the player in a vast world and explore the world’s wonders together.

Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)


In Bulu Monster’s world, monsters are an important element and the player’s main combat unit, so they need to carefully take care of them to achieve high combat effectiveness as much as possible. Each monster has a separate development system, affecting the growth rate more than what the player expected. When monsters reach the required level, they will begin to evolve, change their appearance, and unlock new skill sets in combat. In other words, the training of monsters is important. As they complete their evolution, the combat effectiveness will increase and give the player various strategies to thrive in combat.


While traveling, players will always face various challenges or dangers, even against other players in monster battles. But fear not, because the combat systems are all balanced, and the only factor in deciding a fight is the monster’s characteristics and the player’s strategy. Furthermore, luck is important, even influencing many things and raising the tension of the battle. Also, the tournament is an opportunity for players to practice monsters, even rise to the highest rankings in the league, and receive many exotic and rare rewards.

Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)


Bulu Monster’s greatness comes from the monster and its system and the player’s interaction with the world in the places they have visited. The game world is developed with creativity and truth and introduces many different locations, giving players many opportunities to explore the world and find new monsters. Furthermore, each area is inhabited by several types of monsters, and by fighting in these places, the player’s monsters get many benefits that the other games don’t have.

Bulu Monster introduces endless gameplay and loads of different monsters to collect, giving each with its unique powers and building a tight ecosystem in a fantasy world. Besides monsters, the PvP online challenge system is perfect and full of rare rewards and is always an opportunity for players to collect noble titles and unlock new game content.



  • Massive Rewards

(you can receive infinite quest rewards as you want)

NOTE:  directly after finishing the tutorial, when reach to red box click on search, and choose done to get rewards, do more and more, to get massive rewards as you can, then click on close icon to continue your game.


  • Unlimited Bulu Points

(Use them even don’t have enough)

Bulu Monster v8.0.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

SIZE : 72M


– 8.0.1 – MOD V1

– 7.6.1 – MOD V2

– 8.0.2 – Original

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