Booty Farm v8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Experience)

Booty Farm (MOD APK, Unlimited Coins/Experience) is a farm game but uses an exciting and sexy concept to entertain beautiful girls or grow unique crops.

Are you a fan of RPG games? But do you feel too bored with the “cute” monster hunting in the “paradise” Dungeon? You want to find a game that is realistic but both attractive and can’t take your eyes off? So in this article, I will take you back to the content of daily life, a daily life, but at the same time equally stimulating – Booty Farm. The game is currently allowed to download for free on Nutaku, surely for many brothers, this name is no stranger. The game works on both iOS and Android platforms, so players can download and enjoy it. Basically this is a romantic dating RPG game, Booty Farm promises to give players moments of relief and sublimation.


Coming to Booty Farm, the game will take you into the story of a handsome guy. He is now a young man and lives in a luxurious and magnificent city. On a fine day, his beloved old uncle decided to hand over a large farm to him. From now on, he is officially the heir of the entire farm. However, managing the entire garden for him is impossible, because he is used to living in the city – where he owns his life and is a true Playboy. And he came up with the idea of ​​selling the garden for money to play in the splendid and crowded city. But that was before he met Mindy – a beautiful and extremely seductive girl. She is his personal assistant, helping him run the farm. She told him many stories of this small village.

Although it looked old and poor in front of his eyes, the girls around this area were all very beautiful. And all the girls here are quite lonely because there are very few men around the neighborhood. And you – that good-looking guy – are intrigued by what the assistant tells. From now on, his living purpose will change, he decided not to return to the city and continue running the farm. All for the sole purpose of dating all girls here. So do you have enough inspiration and confidence to take over the garden, just dating beautiful girls? All the choices you make from now on will affect your whole life.

Visual Novel style interactions

It can be said that “Booty Farm” has relatively simple gameplay and is quite easy to approach. Basically, there are only 2 major issues that players need to solve, which is running the farm and talking sweetly with the girls. Perhaps when reading here there will be a lot of players wondering: “Running the farm and dating girls have nothing to do with each other?”, actually both are closely related and inseparable. Some of the girls you know all help in your garden, so when the farm is inactive, your interaction with the girls fades and the dating will fail. In addition, players also need a certain amount of money to exchange items on the store system, each girl will have different interests and requirements if you do not meet the basic elements, building a relationship will never be easy. So, farm development is the basic element and the foundation for building relationships.

Then there’s the issue of how to build relationships. When talking to girls in “Booty Farm”, you will have to be careful in every word to understand the hints, the deepest implications coming from the girls. Usually, you only have about 3 answers for a given situation. And 2 of them will be inappropriate words or sometimes rude words to the girl, only 1 of the 3 answers shown on the screen will help you win the hearts of the beauties. beautiful female.


Besides the interesting gameplay, Nutaku’s designers also focus on the functional aspects to make a game that satisfies the majority of players. First of all, the system of storylines and situations in the game are meticulously and honestly invested. Sometimes there are some unexpected situations happening without warning signs, the game will let players experience many different levels of emotions like never before. Besides, the product system in this game is also quite diverse and eye-catching. Players can both satisfy the hobby of gardening, and also satisfy the design hobby to create a splendid garden in their own way. It can be said that the game has quite a high level of entertainment, suitable for those who love the elements of dating and running the farm.


A game that wants to be appreciated by the gaming community as indispensable, is indispensable for beautiful graphics. It seems that “Booty Farm” has shown quite well this when sending to the players sexy and sexy 3D girls. Overall, the game excelled in terms of visuals, including characters and other secondary elements that are striking and eye-catching. The colors of the game are quite vibrant and vivid, the contrast and color saturation are all completed on excellent levels. It can be said that the graphics of “Booty Farm” have almost no minus points, all are portrayed in a vivid and surprisingly realistic way.


  • Every Speed up gives Gems

(crop/production and so on)

Booty Farm v8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Experience)

SIZE : 115M


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