Black Survival (MOD) v10.1.01 APK + OBB

For those who love tactical game genres, the use of different weapons and combat skills is no longer unfamiliar. Similarly, Black Survival was born with a system of characters from all walks of life, all sorts of careers with the exotic scenery of the deserted island that will give players the latest experience.

Black Survival (MOD) v10.1.01 APK + OBB

Become a killer to survive

The survival game takes place in just 20 minutes, with about ten players in a battle, on a desolate island. Become the only survivor of the ten survivors. This is not a simple challenge when everyone is a rival to each other, each of your enemies has unique characteristics that are difficult to recognise and knock out. So how can we eliminate one by one to increase our chances of survival? As mentioned above, each match will have ten participants, and you will be one of them. This choice is essential when the ability between characters may be different or you can not use all the skills and tactics of fighting most efficiently and intelligently, vulnerable and will be destroyed.

Black Survival (MOD) v10.1.01 APK + OBB

Do not stop running, moving everywhere that can reach. It not only helps your character find safe havens or attacks while fighting, but it is also an opportunity for the player to obtain weapons, items support to compete. Be quick to collect them so that they are not picked up by other characters. This is a chaotic war; everything can be good or bad for you. At times, the character must decide whether to continue running or attacking opponents who are still alive. It is a difficult decision because you don’t know for sure if the enemy is weak or not and if the escape now is a good time or not. If the place next to us is an unsafe area, and even more horrible than that, what should we do when we are out of ammunition? Doctors still have some horror drug or the other policeman is always aiming to destroy everything can return to zero if there is no observation and careful calculation bisexual. The character does not want to kill anyone, but it can be done in the killing world when everyone is confronted and ready to shoot you to survive.

Black Survival (MOD) v10.1.01 APK + OBB

Graphic design and features

This is a collection of people everywhere, ages and occupations. The only primary purpose is to survive in this land. Fighters, actors, doctors, police officers, hackers, chefs, students, and many other professions. There are more than 29 different characters for the player to choose. The island is divided into small separate areas, including its hospital, dense jungle with dangerous animals, fresh green beaches. While winning the first round, the survivors will come to the confined and narrow area of the land next to it. Hundreds of plants, herbs and fruit trees, hunting wild animals in their spare time to improve their level, they are deep in the jungle that can help the character survive. There are also over 600 hundred weapons such as guns, bows, swords, equipment and food are distributed everywhere. Support for the next strategy to destroy the opponent.

Black Survival (MOD) v10.1.01 APK + OBB

Sum up

Black Survival requires players to have an account to help with the storage of information, achievements and announcements needed for the game. New features will always be updated promptly to the best service for the battle.


Black Survival (MOD) v10.1.01 APK + OBB

SIZE : 900M

GURGE : Action

– 10.1.00 – Original

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