Beat Fire v1.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Beat Fire creates great musical parties and relaxes players with exciting rhythm tapping challenges.

Do you love music and love games at the same time? So why not try out rhythm-based games? These are games that allow the player to enjoy the music while performing some impressive actions to progress the gameplay. Moreover, this genre has a lot of different variations, which makes this type of game diverse, and players can experience whatever variation they like best. One such game called Beat Fire uses weapons in combination with music to create new and exciting gameplay for players. This game currently has more than 5 million downloads, a considerable number after a while appearing on the market. And it constantly receives a lot of positive comments and experiences that it brings to the player. The game will be one of the best rhythm-based games for you.

Beat Fire v1.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Beat Fire creates a music feast suitable for YOU

The gameplay of the game mainly gives players a huge music library to enjoy, and each song will be a challenge for the player. The challenge inside this game is to use the melody of the music to drop down colorful and vivid tiles. Players must calibrate the time and tap on them before they disappear. If the player misses and lets them fall off the screen, then the challenge will fail and end. When the player completes the challenge with the highest scores, the player will receive a generous reward from the challenge. During the challenge, if the player hits the tiles at a steady speed, they will hear the sound of the melody with the highest accuracy. It will create a new experience for the player while helping the player to relax while enjoying this game.

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The game has excellent graphics, uses cyberpunk colors as a background, and uses unique, beautifully designed guns to break the tiles every time the player tap. Yes, this game is like shooting simulation games, but it combines with the rhythm-based genre to create completely new gameplay. Even players do not necessarily need to tap to break the tiles correctly; they can hold and move the crosshair of the gun to destroy the tiles. When held, the gun will switch to continuous fire mode for players to break multiple tiles at once. The game will also apply some physical mechanics to make gun animation more realistic.

Beat Fire v1.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

10+ cool Skins and Weapons

The challenge of this game is very diverse in difficulty, and even each challenge will have three different levels to challenge the player’s reflex skills. Each level of challenge will increase the’s drop speed tile, and if the player completes the challenge with the highest level, there will be many rewards for them. Besides the diversity of challenges, the game is also very diverse in weapons. The game has a variety of weapons for players, from small to large, all available. Players can unlock new weapons by using rewards from challenges. Each weapon will also come up with colorful and beautiful skins. Besides using the reward to unlock weapons, players can also unlock new songs to experience.

The song library is huge, and there are even popular songs trending on the market. Even some famous songs from previous periods will be mentioned in this game. At the home page, will be the basic songs, which have existed in music history ever. There is also an advanced section like EDM, Rock, Pop, etc., for players. There will even be a search engine for players to select their favorite songs quickly. However, the songs that will be locked, and players must unlock the songs with rewards that players have earned. After unlocking, players can mark them as favorites, and enjoy them anytime at the homepage. All songs after being bookmarked will automatically appear on the homepage, and the first row is for players.

Beat Fire v1.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

One-tap control, easy to play

The gameplay will also be very diverse in-game modes, and besides the default mode, players can also train their skills through other game modes. Each game mode will have its own rules, and players need to complete it with the best achievements to receive many rewards. Some modes can also be viewed as a method of training your reflexes. These modes will gradually increase the drop speed of the tiles, and when finished, it will take the player’s best performance as a record, and rewards will be awarded based on that record level.

This game also has a lot of things for players to experience, and it will also regularly update new songs every week for players to experience. All new songs, or much-loved, will immediately be posted on the homepage for players. The game will also have many different types of challenges, with countless rewards for players to progress further in this game. If you love music and want to test your reflex skills, then “Beat Fire” will be an excellent game for you.



  • Unlimited Money
  • All Song Unlocked

Beat Fire v1.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

SIZE : 40M

GURGE : Music

– 1.1.75 – MOD

– 1.1.74 – MOD

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