Battleheart 2 (MOD Money/Crystals/Skill) v1.1.3 APK download for Android

Surely anyone in each of us has dreams of becoming a knight since childhood? The brave hero always sacrifices himself against the bloodthirsty monsters to protect the kingdom, rescue people from the disaster, … But those dreams only appear in the legendary fairy tales. And in reality, they will never happen. Many of us grew up with the regret of those dreamy childhood dreams that could never be found again. However, unexpectedly, developer Mika Mobile has launched a battle game called Battleheart 2 – a fascinating game with content on the battle of myths. It is the place to help you meet your dream knight. Let’s get into the world of the game to see what’s cool!

Welcome back to the world of Battleheart!

When you participate in the game, you will set up a team of your own. You can choose from 4 heroes of 12 characters. Characters of various types such as mage, samurai, gladiator, gunner, … and much more. Of course, each character has different skills, such as controlling the ice, summoning dry bones and fighting, buffering, healing allies, etc. Depending on the battle, your squad is in combat. It may be different, and the layout of the squad will depend on your purpose. However, to ensure that you choose a barrier that both attack and defence are perfect.

At the beginning of the battle, you will get a map, and you will go through a map that has been mapped on it, perform the task of destroying monsters along the way and rescue the inhabitants of the kingdom of their invasion. Each step will have a gift for you if they win so try. The battles require you to know the types of skills of the heroes in your team, the ability to set up tactics and respond to unexpected situations, … Your team will be fighting with There are more than 20 different types of monsters, and above all, there are 5 extremely powerful bosses that you must overcome. Boss is mighty, with great blood and continually dealing damage, make sure your team is strong enough to destroy it. During the battle, there will be a lot of small monsters coming from different directions, pay attention to the blood on every monster.

Whenever a hero turns blue, that is his turn. You will use one of their skills in the upper left corner of the screen and drag the rope to the specified location to confirm the object the skill is inspired to. If the heroes fight, they will help them move to the designated location and use the skill on the enemy. With his healing heroes, you will be hooked up to the weak hero in the party, and the other will live longer in battle. Each time you win, you can collect a lot of items to equip your hero with more powerful items such as gowns, pants, shoes, jewellery, etc. Each item You will also receive rare items that help to open or level up your hero’s fighting skills. , and above all, a lot of gold so you can buy a lot of equipment and other valuable items.

The game is levelled up, each battle will help the player to a higher level, and the heroes will also become stronger. However, level restrictions will also limit your combat ability. Take the fight to not give up before the evil monsters!


The game looks pretty graphics. Chibi characters in a variety of shapes and looks are extremely cute. The skill effects are well described. Monsters are also designed quite a pit, just like the monsters in the fairy tale. The colours in the game are bright and comfortable to play.


If you wish to be a perfect childhood dreamer, become a hero of justice and rescue the kingdom from the invasion of the monstrous monsters, then Battleheart 2 is really a great choice for you. Download and enjoy the challenging journey and experience the true heroic feeling!


Unlimited Money/Crystals


Battleheart 2 (MOD Money/Crystals/Skill) v1.1.3 APK download for Android

SIZE : 230M


– 1.1.3 – MOD

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