Avira Antivirus v7.8.1 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

In this modern world, as technology develops, people will have more reasons to be suspicious of the Internet. In the past, there have been more than countless events that users have data stolen, even equipment software technical errors appear. The source is malware, and due to poor security of information from hacker intrusions. Because of that, users start to look for anti-virus apps, along with other features that help keep them safer. One of those apps is Avira Antivirus, an anti-malware, and acts as a shield for users when they start to connect to the Internet. Not only that, but the application also features VPN with outstanding performance for users to enjoy the Internet in the most comfortable feeling.


Avira Antivirus is a tool to help protect users from Internet threats, typically viruses, malware, and many other types of malware. That is why it has a simple, user-friendly interface, and uses vibrant colors to attract users, as well as give them a sense of comfort to use. At the home page of the app is the device’s status, as well as where the user manages the app and uses other functions of it. Moreover, the app will arrange all of its features in many different categories, with a variety of uses and benefits that it brings to users. Of course, users can personalize the app, change the color of the interface, and be able to manipulate the app through the device’s notification bar.


Before installing this application, the user’s device could have been compromised by malicious software. Therefore, “Avira Antivirus” is ready to help users remove all malicious software and create a protective layer that allows the device to prevent intrusions from many different sources automatically. With a simple press of the home screen, scanning is done instantly. The application will scan all files, every folder, and everywhere of your memory for malicious files. After completing the scan, it will display the number and a list of malware. Attached to them are the directory, and the files associated with them. Users will have many options for handling malicious files, such as repair, remove, and deactivate. However, the app will issue a warning every time the user starts removing malicious files, as they may be associated with some of the user’s active applications.


After downloading the application, users can activate the protection layer of the app, which is used to prevent all malware from entering the user’s device. Especially when the user wants to access any website, the app will run in the background and scan them before the user visits. If the site is suspected of containing malware, it will alert the user, and thereby allow them to access or not. Not only that, but every time a user is attacked by malware, the app will immediately display their name and origin for the user to handle. The protection layer of this app is assessed for certainty and does not occupy much of the device’s performance and less battery consumption.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which acts as a private tunnel exclusively for users and cannot be found by others. The use of a VPN is huge, but unlike anti-virus, it instead gives users higher access speeds, more secure, and all activities are hidden. Not only that, but through VPN, users can access locally blocked websites, as well as experience games in other areas smoothly. VPN will automatically change all user’s information, make all their information hidden, and keep their data safe, and cannot be stolen from the outside. Of course, users can simultaneously enable anti-virus and VPN functions for a better internet experience than ever.


Avira Antivirus has VPN servers located all over the world, and they can help the user’s connection as stable as possible. The user can choose between a manual connection and automatic connection. As the auto-connect finds out for the closest and most stable server for the user, while manual connection allows users to choose whichever server they want. Each VPN server will fake the user’s IP with the local server IP, thereby giving the user access to blocked websites. Not only that, but VPN also gives users endless speed, free, and better than the default connection speed, giving them a better Internet experience.

If you need a shield, and the safest tunnel for you to have the best Internet experience, download “Avira Antivirus,” a versatile and simple to use application. The application is well optimized, so it does not occupy much of the device’s performance, and can operate in the background for a long time. Not only that, but it will also make the user’s device safest from malware or hacker attacks. Everything is in this application, just for the sake of the safety of the users, along with their important data.


Avira Antivirus v7.8.1 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

SIZE : 38M

GURGE : Tools

– 7.8.1 – PRO

– 7.7.1 – PRO

– 7.7.0 – PRO

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