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AutoRap by Smule v3.0.9 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked)

AutoRap by Smule is a platform for creating great raps. Make great raps using top beats.

The rap genre is prevalent in the music market today, especially enjoyed by a lot of teenagers. But to be able to play rap music, besides talent, you need to keep trying to be the best. But not everyone can become a rapper, so many people who can only hear rap music cannot rap. But what if I say, even if you don’t have the talent to rap, what about being a rapper? The answer is to use the AutoRap by Smule application to be a top rapper. This app is a magical application to turn players from an ignorant person into a rapper.


To use this application, the user does not need to do too much at all. Users first start the app and then record their voice so the app can work. When the user has finished the work, just wait, wait for the app to complete its work. After a few minutes of editing, the user’s product will be born, and the user will hear a rap created by himself. Users only need a few minutes to see the magic that this application gives users; it is a very great experience.

Fix the error of the audio recording

The people who use this app are mostly amateurs and don’t know anything about rap. So having many errors in the record is a very normal thing, but that user does not need to worry because the application will fix that. When users put their records into the app, the app will automatically analyze and correct the errors that users make. This will give the user a perfect audio recording, and the work the user has will also be perfect for listening to. When coming to this application, the user does not need to worry about the error while using the app, but everything will be perfect.

Support for many different modes

The application has two modes for two different types of people, that is, someone who knows nothing about rap and someone who knows a little about rap. The two modes are respectively Talk, and Rap, so that users can choose and use. The difference between them is that the Talk mode will turn the user’s voice into a rap for people who don’t know about rap to use. As for the Rap mode, the app will record your rap and automatically fix them for a better result. Depending on the needs of the user is what the user can choose the best thing to use.

Diverse Beat

After the user has recorded, the user will need to select a beat so that the application can match the user’s mute recording to it. There are so many different beats for the user to choose from; the number now reaches over 100 different beats. All of the app beats are from famous rap music composers like Drake, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and many others. Users just need to select, and the application will replace the user to do the rest of the work.


AutoRap by Smule v3.0.9 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked)

SIZE : 21M

GURGE : Music – Audio

– 2.9.5 – VIP

– 2.9.3 – VIP

– 2.8.1 – VIP

– 3.0.9 – Original

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