Augustro VPN v3.1.12 APK (Paid/Patched)

Augustro VPN offers absolute safety for those who often have to share wifi in public places and have much secret access that needs absolute privacy.

Internet users at the moment without having a VPN app available to them are actually wrong. It helps people a lot in connecting to the Internet in a faster, safer, and personalized way. Now, just by searching with the keyword VPN, you can see many different applications released on many platforms. However, many of these applications require users to have No Subscription to enable its features. This makes them very uncomfortable, so sometimes it is difficult for them to find a VPN application that meets their needs. Augustro VPN is one of the few applications that doesn’t require a subscription.

One of the best applications on the market

Augustro VPN allows its users to have a perfect layer of security. Meaning you will become an invisible person on the internet. Generally only for trivial and non-criminal needs. If the law itself, people will find you anyway. For example, there are simple needs such as accessing a website whose IP address has been banned abroad. Because for a few countries they will ban certain websites so you need to use a VPN to log in to these sites. In addition, you can also login anonymously while using public Wi-Fi hotspots. This stage is also quite redundant for people without significant influence. This means that if you feel your information doesn’t need to be very secure, it doesn’t need to be done. However, for some people who want to protect their information absolutely, this is an essential step. In addition, this way also helps you avoid having trouble when being supervised by others, or hackers. In general, when using this application, you can be completely assured.

No subscription required to use the Augustro VPN service

This is considered one of the most popular features. The basic reason is that they are very afraid of doing so many things to Subscription. When you download this application, the test will connect with your e-wallet to pay for the application only once. Once you have paid for this service, you can feel free to use it at any time. The user will not encounter any further hassle. No hidden trials or monthly subscriptions indeed make many people feel more comfortable. Later, as the application continues to develop and update with new features, you can still use everything freely.

Unlimited access, feel free to do whatever you like

This is true that when you use the features of Augustro VPN you can access without having to worry about being stopped Safe access if running out of space. This is a pretty annoying feature as many applications try to limit their users. This application is for users to use freely, so you do not need to think too much before using it. Feel free to enjoy and enjoy the safety that this application brings.

Usage is also easy with just one touch

When you access the application, it will take you to a home screen. In the middle of the screen will show the status of this application. It will find the best server, the most powerful connection so you can use the internet without interruption. When everything is ready, you just need to touch the Connect button at the bottom. In order for the application to be able to recognize where you are, turn on the GPS. Otherwise, you will have to choose the best server for you. All information about the internet server will be displayed in the settings you just need to go there and see to choose for yourself the best.

You can lock down applications that you don’t need to use VPN

Basically, when you open this application, it will work for everything that uses the internet. Sometimes this will cause your device to drain its battery very quickly. This is one of the things that no one likes because you have to charge the battery many times, which is very inconvenient. So users can choose the applications that they do not want to use the VPN. When you use these applications, Augustro VPN will not automatically interfere. Not only does it save a large amount of battery, but it also makes your device work faster.


Augustro VPN v3.1.12 APK (Paid/Patched)

SIZE : 25M

GURGE : Tools

– 3.1.12 – Paid

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