Arcane Quest Legends MOD APK + OBB v1.3.0 (Unlimited Money/Stones)

Arcane Quest Legends (MOD, Dumb Enemy) allows you to role-play the action to destroy monsters. You use your powerful fighting abilities and skills to defeat them.

For those who love RPG role-playing games, they can easily find The most famous game entertainment market is: Eternium, Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School or Darkness Rises on the app market. However, players can only build stories and develop their heroes in a certain pattern. Heroes are divided class, so the player’s experience will be inadvertently restricted. But with the game Arcane Quest Legends, there does not seem to be a restriction at all. Players can fully develop their characters in any direction, freely creating their own myths. It sounds attractive to players of all ages.


Arcane Legends Quest tells of the struggle against evil in the kingdom Auria. Previously, Auria used to be a place with substantial economic potential, strong development. But the same reason, Auria has become the focus, attracting the attention of the dark forces. By the time the darkness was gradually covering the kingdom, along with the attacks of bloodthirsty creatures, the heroes had promptly appeared and brought hope to Auria. Will a beautiful Auria and peace appear again?

Offline Action RPG Hack&Slash

After successfully installing the game, you will launch and create your own character to begin the journey to rescue Auria. Since Arcane Quest Legends is an offline game, you will play the storyline mode. You will, in turn, explore the lands in the kingdom to chase off the creepy monsters, not allowing them to exist in Auria. To do this, your character must be fully equipped regarding strength and combat skills. Regarding power, you can increase your character through the equipment system, from boots, helmets, gloves, armors, to weapons.

Each type of equipment increases the attributes for the cast, depending on the kind of material, and you can ultimately improve them. Concerning combat skills, you can upgrade and unlock new powers for the character, through the skill system. However, some skills require your style to reach a certain level. And to be able to increase the level, you have to fight and perform a lot of tasks that the system gives you. The task system is quite diverse and continuously updated. You will receive bonuses and valuable items upon completing that mission.

Furthermore, the mission system also acts as an NPC, leading you to all over Auria. However, apart from the other monsters, each land has a great boss ruling, and you must overcome them. If sometimes you feel your power is not enough, you can use the money to buy HP, MP support, or hire more allies and they will fight with you.


We can see, Arcane Quest Legends is covered by quite dark scenes, bearing the nostalgic direction of medieval civilizations. The warriors are beautifully designed, dressed in the costumes of a mysterious warrior, embellished with top fighting skills, creating eye-catching light sources. In the background, Nex Game Studios designers may have spent a lot of time designing the lands, caves, and forests that have mystical, ancient and ancient features. Moreover, the player will control the character from the 3rd perspective, observing an extensive space, just grasping the situation around, re-admiring the mysterious scenery. Now, download this game, and become the savior, bring peace back to Auria and build your own legend!


  1. menu mod
  2. dumb enemy
  3. 500k gold drop

Arcane Quest Legends MOD APK + OBB v1.3.0 (Unlimited Money/Stones)

SIZE : 360M


apk installer
– 1.3.0 – MOD V1

apk installer
– 1.3.0 – MOD V2

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