AOTU World v1.0.7 APK + OBB – Download for Android

If you are a lover of modern strategy games that come with a trendy fashion style, then AOTU World will be a great choice that you should not ignore. The game will lead you to the role-playing genre combined with a unique team strategy. Players have the opportunity to participate in dramatic tactical battles and can create character styles from colorful costumes.

AOTU World v1.0.7 APK + OBB - Download for Android


Coming to the game, you will enjoy the best experience in modern tactical battles with fast speed. AOTU World will allow you to play the role of a famous angel trainee, with this character participating in life and death battles to fight the trainees and many other enemies through 8 chapters and, at the same time, uncovering the mystery behind this contest.

With a unique battle system using a board of chess as the core gameplay, all your actions are through the change of the checkers combined with the particular skills of each character. The game also offers an ascending level system, which requires players to combine combat skills and action to deliver good gameplay closely. In addition, the game also integrates many entertainment systems, a system of customizing costumes, and more to meet the preferences of players.

AOTU World v1.0.7 APK + OBB - Download for Android


Not only stopping red, but players also have the opportunity to try out six different game modes in AOTU World, including classic stage mode where battles on the chessboard take place, resource mode where You will receive much new equipment to upgrade your character after completing the level. And especially in the intensive PvP mode, you can face the world’s top demo games; with this mode, players also experience an improved map terrain and many new creative tactics.

Each way offers different gameplay and rewards. Besides, to complete the level, the player must show his intelligence in passing all the puzzle stages. As you continue to progress through the ranks, you will have the opportunity to unlock more new games with more content for you to explore.

AOTU World v1.0.7 APK + OBB - Download for Android


In addition to trying out many dramatic matches with many modes, players can also make their characters shine through coordinating costumes. Take advantage of the clothes and the accompanying accessories that the game provides to change the nature of your style and preferences. AOTU World also has the feature to change the color of clothes to add more vibrancy. In addition, with the Doodle system, you can also create modern masterpieces yourself.


Players also do not forget to discover much other new content from the many mini-games unlocked after completing the levels. It is a whole combination of childhood games such as Plushie, Aotutris, Othello, or classic genre games with gentle gameplay and many other thrilling games to help you change the taste continuously. Explore and try all these mini-games with your friends and all other gamers through the online system

AOTU World v1.0.7 APK + OBB - Download for Android

This game has a true role-playing genre where players can go with their characters to experience many exciting discoveries during the game. With an engaging storyline, colorful design images, and highly trendy fashion style, AOTU World will give players a wonderful experience.


AOTU World v1.0.7 APK + OBB – Download for Android

SIZE : 1.2G

GURGE : Strategy

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– 1.0.7 – Original

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