Angelo and Deemon v1.7.3 APK (Full Paid Version)

A story-driven puzzle game is about a character who has a fateful encounter with the Grim Reaper, Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest. It is a misunderstanding for him but an opportunity to discover an utterly mysterious place, and he knows nothing about it. In the middle of the journey, there will always be challenges that players will need to find the answer to progress in the game and find many other exciting things.

Angelo and Deemon v1.7.3 APK (Full Paid Version)


The story the player experiences in Angelo and Deemon begins when a grim reaper comes to a building. This character’s job is to collect the soul of a dying person and announce it as their last time. But something mistaken has appeared with a character named Angelo, who lives in room number 9 and has a fateful encounter with the Grim Reaper. From there, he journeyed to hell with many new things.

Angelo and Deemon v1.7.3 APK (Full Paid Version)

Angelo is a Youtuber; he has a job to create impressive videos to post on Youtube, but his work is entirely uneven when the video he just created cannot be rendered. At the same time, he angrily threw his glass at the door, causing the screw that fixed his room number to loosen and the order from 9 to 6. Ironically, the Grim Reaper thought Angelo was the target I need to lead today, and Angelo gets into the elevator to go to hell.

Angelo and Deemon v1.7.3 APK (Full Paid Version)


At the beginning of Angelo and Deemon, you will see the Grim Reaper appear in front of the building to reach people who only have a few seconds left in their lives. But going to Angelo’s room is not simple, but there will be puzzles from easy to difficult for players to perform. You will find many devices to help you achieve specific interactions. From there, you will be able to enter straightforwardly.

Players will observe the game screen from a 2.5D perspective and ensure that the character movement is only done when you touch a specific position to navigate the character. You will see your character move and have different phrase lines. At the same time, these dialogues are also completely diverse when giving you the necessary information and some things you need to do. They all serve you to complete those sentences in the game, and you will interact with the surrounding objects.

Angelo and Deemon v1.7.3 APK (Full Paid Version)


In Angelo and Deemon, players will feel attracted to an exciting story that gradually emerges with many dialogues between the main character and the Grim Reaper. Anyone can understand that if you want to find many interesting things in the plot, solving puzzles is a necessity. Therefore, players will interact with the necessary objects derived from the dialogue between the two characters. From there, you will not be able to ignore any element in the game.

From interacting with objects, you will have certain perceptions about them. If you don’t find an answer, you can also interact with them multiple times or return to the previous position. Necessary items can be stored as devices, and each problem will need a device needed to be unlocked. Therefore, players will need to think carefully to find the solution to each different type of puzzle that the player does not know in advance.


Angelo and Deemon v1.7.3 APK (Full Paid Version)

SIZE : 150M

GURGE : Adventure

– 1.7.3 – PAID

– 1.7.1 – PAID

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