Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)

Adventure Quest 3D (MOD, Fly/Speed Hack) is a rich story and eye-catching 3D graphics that will attract players through intense battles with various weapons.

You will not be able to take your eyes off the super classic battles of AdventureQuest 3D. With the excellent RPG that allows multiplayer to join open for you a world filled with monsters. You will experience a cross-platform adventure when allowed to play on any device developed by Artix Entertainment LLC. Whether you’re a first-timer or an old-timer, you’ll be pleased with the early games designed in the game.

Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)


AdventureQuest 3D takes you through new wars with the clan cap increased to 100, adding to the player a target scope for players to aim to kill the nearest enemy. The game will take players to destroy monsters; there are beasts for you to defeat in a gloomy jungle or a beach. Players can move on the area in the castle so that you get to where bosses are lurking in the ground; these have extremely extreme fighting power.

It can kill you with just a few punches. If you don’t have the skills to dodge or hit, it’s easy to die. Actually, killing these monsters takes a lot of strength, so you also need to equip yourself with good power, and you can recover your strength in a certain amount of time.

Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)


In addition, AdventureQuest 3D also gives players a choice of a diverse character system, which can also be customized for their character’s beautiful appearance. Customize your hair, eye color, and outfit; then, the player should embark on the lair with many evil monsters always looking to kill you. From the ground will appear the enemy from the smallest to the largest, kill all the guards, and meet the god of death. This grim reaper will give players directions to more complex levels, where new challenges begin to become more difficult.

Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)

Bosses will defeat you when you go to their area; the best way is to find yourself, effective teammates. You will quickly move to the location of your teammates in action with a simple touch. Let your teammates combine attacks to ensure your life and destroy the enemy. In the context of a village being occupied by bad guys, you can also rescue the people they capture. When you rescue them, your power will increase.


You can’t fight without abilities, weapons, and a variety of armor. Players can hold two swords in both hands to quickly attack when the opponent appears because around you are scattered monsters that always want to destroy you. Going around can also pick up valuable items such as healing potions, or when you win each match, you will receive many worthy rewards. Collecting many gems or skills will make you quickly upgrade yourself, opening you a new game screen that promises to have more difficult-to-kill beasts.

Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)

You can also find out the enemy’s abilities through the god of death; he will show you their whereabouts in the chat. A vicious scorpion in hand is an ax which is always a difficult challenge to destroy in the game; the tail swings will make you lose a lot of blood, so you need to focus on dodging attacks when danger approaches and be imaginative. Smart when attacking every time the opponent can’t see you.


Through this great challenge, players will receive two new swords with better power and also a gift chest for you, maybe a battle shield and a treasure sword. Intelligent combinations of items to increase power most effectively. Search the fire dragon map to go to a new place; the center of the whole old castle will show a magic mirror that tells you who and where the target to destroy is.

Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)

Move there and complete the mission, strike slashes and move cleverly to dodge effectively. In addition, you can also raise a pet to accompany you when fighting. Remember to upgrade them to help you find items like gold coins. In the process of playing AdventureQuest 3D, you can also interact with other players through chats.

With many attractive features, AdventureQuest 3D is a fantasy fighting game worth owning. The stages have the appearance of strange monsters full of magic; malicious attacks will make you admire. Wandering with many teammates and chatting with other players also participating in the game will help you interact with more exciting people.


• Fly Hack (you can now jump unlimited times)
• Double Movement Speed (only affecting you, because you’re a PRO ?)

Notes: the jump and fly hack allow an easy wall hack which lets you reach places you couldn’t reach in any ways otherwise, such as high hills, buildings and so on. Also useful to escape from enemies.

Adventure Quest 3D v1.76.0 MOD APK (Fly/Speed Hack)

SIZE : 60M


– 1.76.0 – MOD

– 1.75.2 – MOD

– 1.75.0 – MOD

– 1.76.0 – Original

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