ADV Screen Recorder v4.7.1 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Are you a person who works directly with mobile devices regularly? And certainly, a task that until now electronic mobile devices can not equip themselves with the most stable software is still Screen Video Recording. So developer ByteRev has shown himself as one of the pioneering publishers for this task on mobile devices. And that is also why the application called ADV Screen Recorder was released. Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations in the early days of launch, this is definitely an app where you can return to your screen without any menu options appearing to block your view. And in addition, the application also owns many other interesting features that will bring satisfaction to users.

An excellent screen recording ability

It is interesting that after ADV Screen Recorder was released, the application quickly won the hearts of users. The introduction of the original application has now become a reality when it itself has responded very well to different requirements when equipped with many useful integrated features. But the first thing to say is the excellence of this application when it does a great job of the most important. Needless to mention the advanced features, will still be an appreciated application because of its screen rotation ability. This is the most basic feature of the application, so it has been focused on developing by the publishers. A place where users will be comfortable, easy to be able to record the moments on the device screen as quickly as possible. What a great feature, isn’t it?

Editing video content will be extremely necessary

In addition, this application will not only give users the best screen recording experience but also integrate useful support features. One thing that everyone will encounter when using screen recording software is that the recorded video will not be as expected. Then with this application, all your problems will be completely solved. The application will allow you a separate editing feature. This feature will help users perfect their videos in the most optimal way. From basic editing parts such as video orientation, aspect ratio, … to advanced editing capabilities for video content such as cutting, joining segments, … Getting yourself a screen recording video with the necessary content is extremely easy with ADV Screen Recorder – an excellent screen recording tool.

A lot of other interesting features have also been fully integrated

And to have a special standout in the large application market, ADV Screen Recorder also has other interesting features. A new feature introduced by the application is video stacking. Thereby the screen recording videos can be superimposed to create interesting moments for viewers. In addition, the application also supports a feature to stamp on videos that are extremely useful.

Moreover, the application also pays special attention to the ability of users to diversify individual features. And to do this, the app now allows simultaneous recording of the device screen while recording video with the camera. This feature is useful for both the rear and front cameras of the mobile device. So the ability to personalize the user is very high, especially those who work with mobile electronics. Now, gamers who want to have a unique experience with their emotions will be resolved. And to expand the diversity, ADV Screen Recorder also integrated for me the ability to put more writing text or even banner in my video. So the transmission of video content and messages that you want to send into the video will also be shown more clearly through text and banner.

High resolution and language issues will also be very important

At the same time, the application also owns the right basic parameters. The developer has allowed in his application the ability to stream high-quality videos. The resolution of the videos will be best optimized by the application to increase the user experience. And moreover, to be able to achieve the goal of developing the application to a global scale, the moderators worked with various language experts. Now, this application can bring other languages ​​like in the world such as English, Italian, German, Spanish, … So, please rest assured to install the application to have can have yourself the best screen recording experience!


ADV Screen Recorder v4.7.1 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

SIZE : 6.5M

GURGE : Tools

– 4.7.1 – PRO

– 4.7.0 – PRO

– 4.5.6 – PRO

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