3DTuning v3.7.6 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

3DTuning (MOD, All Unlocked) is a car tuning simulation accompanying great detailed visuals and fully customizable systems to deepen players’ knowledge about cars.

There are many racing-related games on the market for players to choose from for entertainment. But most of them are racing games, but there are very few other style games for players to experience. All that a player does is what makes your car fast to finish first. That is what regular games can bring to players for you to experience. But also because of many similar games, players do not seem to be too much interested in such games. Everyone wants to have a new experience, an experience that few games can bring. If the player is looking for a game like that, the answer for you is 3DTuning – a car-related game. Although it is a car-related game, the game is far different from the other games for players to experience. When players come to the game, they will experience a lot of new things that the game brings to you.

Great graphics of the game

When the player comes to any game, the first thing that the player sees is not the plot or the feature but the graphics. So to be able to impress the player well, the graphics of the game must be enough to impress the player since first look. And that’s what this game can do; it has a graphical configuration enough to attract the player. The game has a 3D graphics format, one of the modern graphics at present for players to experience. The images in the game are very detailed; the game has been completed very well to bring realism to the player. Especially the cars of the game, it was meticulously elaborated to bring a perfect vehicle. Players can see every detail of the car as it reflects light, the smallest details of the engine. When players come to the game, it will be challenging to know if it is a real image or is built to be brought into the game. All of these things have come together to bring a perfect game for players to experience.

Become a master of the car

When players come to the game, the player will play the role of a person with car tuning ability to experience the game. The task of the player is straightforward; it is from ordinary cars, the player must upgrade and tunning them so that it becomes more memorable. Because regular cars are never enough for people who are passionate about cars, you need to satisfy them. Players can know a standard vehicle into monsters with a beautiful appearance and sell them for a very high price. Players need to know a lot of cars to be able to make the best choices for vehicles.

Freedom to create the look of the car

When it comes to the game, the player’s task is to tunning the car to make it more unique. Players can replace almost everything a vehicle has to turn it into a unique car. Things that the game allows players to customize, such as a front bumper, chase rack, wheels, and many other things. What the game enables the player to tunning depends on the type of vehicle. Each part of the car, the game offers players a lot of different models for players to select. Each vehicle will be designed in a different style; this shows the variety that the game brings to the player.

Many different vehicles for players to choose

If it’s a car-related game, cars are indispensable for players to select. Unlike other games, in this game, the player chooses the car not to race but to adjust it. The game gives players over 1,000 different vehicles from countless manufacturers to use. Even regular cars, pickups, or supercars, all are in the game for players to choose. Cars come from manufacturers like Nissan, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and more. Players can select any vehicle from any brand that they like to start the job of adjusting it.

Compete with other people

In this game, the way of competition is not the same as usual; players are not racing but are afraid of the level of completion of the car. Once you finished your work, your vehicle and your opponent will be compared against each other to find the winner. The game will analyze many aspects to be able to give the fairest results. Then when the calculation is complete, the person who gets the higher score will be the winner.


  • All paid content is open

3DTuning v3.7.6 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

SIZE : 80M

GURGE : Simulation

– 3.7.6 – MOD

– 3.7.0 – MOD

– 3.6.997 – MOD

– 3.7.6 – Original

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