3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) – Download for Android

The birth of 3D Anatomy is really a new step. It appears and solves problems around human anatomy. What does the human body look like in a cross-section of muscles and bones? Realistic 3D images, puzzles, videos built on a scientific foundation will partly make up the success of a leading application of anatomy. The new feature has been updated, 64 bit has been replaced by 32 bit. This improvement is a new step forward for it. What’s more, for the time being, you can use the app for free by downloading the reduced-featured version.

3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) - Download for Android


With a huge amount of content, mainly images and knowledge about the human body, body parts are described in 3D realistically. When logging in to the 3D Anatomy application, we are exposed to a complete body, including a skeleton with full joints, ligaments, …

The special thing to mention is the very detailed muscle model with all 145 muscles; moreover, the circulatory system including arteries, veins, and heart, is also fully displayed. Nervous, respiratory, reproductive, urinary systems and beautiful 3D ear graphics also contribute to the vividness. Are you overwhelmed by the authenticity of the application? So let’s learn more about the functions of the application together!

3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) - Download for Android 3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) - Download for Android


Entering the world of 3D Anatomy, you can manually rotate the human model to any angle you want, and even zoom in and out. Custom items will help you choose the gender you want, they are all available. After observing, you can also use commands on either side of the screen to peel off the muscle layer and then learn more about the anatomical structure below those muscle layers. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Customizations also help you enable or disable anatomy systems. It would be great if our curiosity about the human body, just download the application and manipulate it, can understand. The application will support us in three languages: French, Spanish, and German.


Besides, more than 100 muscle action movies are also waiting for you to come and learn. Provides most of the knowledge you want about the human body, including pre-pronounced anatomical terms.

3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) - Download for Android 3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) - Download for Android

Through 3D Anatomy, you can also find out the anatomical structure and then reveal their 3D locations. Learning with apps is a productive thing. After each step of the anatomy is completed, you will be sent a few exciting quizzes to test your understanding of the process. What a perfect choice!


The team that built 3D Anatomy will always be here and take in user feedback to further improve the app and make it perfect. Learning anatomy will no longer be difficult with the arrival of the app. Providing more features, movies, and puzzles, building beautiful, realistic 3D images, the application will stick with you for a long time. The progress that we show is partly thanks to the contributions and love that you send. Thank you for trusting the choice, wish you have the best experience with the application.


3D Anatomy v6.0 APK (Full Paid) – Download for Android

SIZE : 96M

GURGE : Health

– 5.7 – MOD

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