Monster High Beauty Shop v4.1.17 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked)

This is a game with a colorful fashion world won for lovely girls and fashion enthusiasts. Monster High Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game will bring players the most enjoyable and wonderful make-up experience at the barbershop. Monster High monster girls looking very stylish with extremely fashionable outfits is the highlight of this game. All of these will make a game that will appeal and appeal to all girls. Download the game to your device and explore the game.

Monster High Beauty Shop v4.1.17 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked)

Players need to understand the game

Monster High Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game is a free game platform suitable for all mobile devices on the market today. Therefore, this game can be easily downloaded by almost every player. Its interface will make any girl feel surprised because it is so beautiful and attractive to the game. That is also one of the first highlights of the game.

Talking about Monster High’s trendiest fashion character is Clawdeen, who is also one of the game’s unique personalities. She just opened a hair salon, and she needs your hands to apply makeup to herself. Her wish is to become a vampire assassin. So help her fulfill that wish by dressing her up to look like a vampire character. A beautiful hairstyle is also an essential requirement in the game. It enables the characters to show off their beauty and helps players practice their hairdressing skills.

Monster High Beauty Shop v4.1.17 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked)

How to get the latest and most beautiful fashion outfits? Don’t worry because players can easily buy all the costumes in the spooky one-stop-shop. Please be assured of its quality as well as design. We guarantee to bring the best quality products for players. Use the game’s gore filters to get a more monstrous and beautiful look. The most special thing is that players can create for themselves a favorite filter. This will increase your excitement during gameplay. Begin to indulge in your own creations.

Special features that the game owns

At Monster High Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game, we will provide you with all the latest modern and modern hair styling tools. Helping you to create the most beautiful products. Modern tools like magic sprays, hair dyes, primers, … and many more are updated continuously. Users can also electrify their hair using Znap. We will bring the richest and most varied selfie filters for you. Besides, the quality of each filter is also carefully designed by us. If you want to show off your killer looks but the most fashionable photos into the Spookygram, so you can easily have a cool look.

Monster High Beauty Shop v4.1.17 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked)

The special fun of the game

Fat monsters will be disguised as your nightmares. The most modern makeup tools will make it simple for you. Props like lightning stickers and jewels add a frightening look. Whether rock stars actually match the store’s outfits all depends on the skill of the player. Crazy shoe collections will appear late in this game because this is also one factor that makes your product more perfect. Therefore, the fantastic shoe collection is also a point you should pay attention to. The beautiful jewelry patterns like crazy earrings, spiky necklaces … will make your outfit much more ghostly. All monsters will be carefully and fully dressed. This seems to be a beautiful paradise for all girls. Develop your mindset as well as your talents so that you can become successful while playing this game. Although this is a girl’s game, its charms also bring in a large number of players.

Monster High Beauty Shop v4.1.17 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked)

Player’s perspective

The extremely objective perspective of the player has brought great benefits to the Monster High Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game. Therefore, the game is becoming more and more influential in the community. Help players unleash to explore and experience what the competition brings. Thanks for the support of all players. We hope to bring the best quality products to everyone.


  • Purchased all paid content, including disable ads

Monster High Beauty Shop v4.1.17 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked)

SIZE : 135M

GURGE : RPG, Simulation

apk installer
– 4.1.15 – MOD

apk installer
– 4.1.13 – MOD

– 4.1.16 – Original

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