​Project CARS GO v1.1.1 APK

​Project CARS GO is the mobile version that simulates the famous racetracks of Project Cars on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

A game market has many potentials with various game genres that game makers can choose from to produce. One of the most noticed game genres from both players and game makers is racing. In the past, there were many games released in this genre for players to experience. Until now, new projects are continually being updated to launch to users. One of the things that were just released to the player was the mobile version of Project Cars under the name Project Cars GO. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of this game have achieved success, so players expect the mobile version.

​Project CARS GO v1.1.1 APK

Eye-catching graphics

Racing games often have one thing in common: they don’t have a specific storyline for players to explore. There may be a few games with a storyline investment by the creative team, but only a few games have. This game is not an exception when the game does not have a story for players to learn. The game doesn’t have a story, so the game’s creative team needs to invest in other things to attract players. And the most invested thing that can be mentioned in the game’s graphics, an extremely wonderful image that the game brings. The game gives people a very realistic 3D graphics format for players to observe. The game has successfully brought a beautiful world with many details for players to immerse themselves in. The player can see every grain of sand on the road and the branches swaying in the wind, all very perfect. Although there is a vast world, the game still gives players an ideal experience for players to enjoy. If only in terms of graphics, this game can be compared with many popular PC and console platforms.

​Project CARS GO v1.1.1 APK

Skills are not everything

In many other racing games, the player needs to control the car by himself to finish. If you want to be the first to finish, you need to have an excellent technique to do that. Most racing games follow that rule, but this one does not; it has chosen a different route to go. This game has removed all that, and the player does not need to control the vehicle by himself; the game will automatically do it. The player’s car will automatically finish, but that doesn’t mean the player doesn’t need to do anything. Regardless of any game, the player plays the most critical role in deciding the rank at the end. Players need to know how to speed up and slow down the car at the right time to complete the game. If you come to a curve, but the player does not slow down, you will fall off the track or hit your opponent. So knowing how to speed up and slow down at the right time is what helps players win.

​Project CARS GO v1.1.1 APK

One-touch gaming style

As mentioned before, players do not need to control the vehicle by themselves, but they will automatically move to the destination. But the player also has the task of speeding up or decelerating to win. Players need to tap the screen to speed up or press and hold to slow down. The player will see a clock for speed, on which there will be a needle bar to indicate current speed. There will be a blue and a red space; on that meter, when the watch goes around blue, press the screen to the gear shift. If you let it go to the red area, the player’s speed will lag compared to other cars. When coming to curves, the player should press and hold on the screen to use the brake and pass the opponent. When the player fully releases his or her hand, the speed will increase, and gear shifts will be required at some point. Players need to know what to do at the right time to get a perfect speed and finish first.

​Project CARS GO v1.1.1 APK

Vehicle diversity

One of the game’s more exciting features is that it owns a massive garage with many different car types. All the cars that the game has come from famous brands worldwide, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, for players. The cars in the game are adapted from what is, in reality, to make it as real as possible.


​Project CARS GO v1.1.1 APK

SIZE : 750M

GURGE : Racing

– 1.1.1 – Original

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